Marvin vs. Jeld-Wen Sash Kits

deerslayerMay 18, 2007

I'm shopping for replacement sash kits for a 30 year old home. From outward appearances, the Marvin and Jeld-Wen sash kits are very similar. The Marvin kits cost about 12% more. I'm inclined to get the Marvin kits because of the company's reputation. BTW, the Marvin kits use the same sashes as their Ultimate series windows.

Which kits should I purchase? Quality is more important than price to me but I don't want to overpay. Are Marvin sashes worth 12% more? All comments are appreciated.

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marvin sash kits do not use the same sash as the ultimate double hung, it tilts in for cleaning very differently than the ultimate double hung. Sash kits can be a pain to tilt in. Jeld-wen custom line (formerly pozzi) tilt in very easily with latches, jeld-wen also has a better warranty than marvin. Marvin will have a better fit and finish though with very tight joints so if thats you primary concern you should go with the marvin. You should also look at marvins insert window if you havent already.

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Thanks for the information. My house is about 30 years old and it has the original single pane glazed windows plus storm windows. My frames seem to be in good condition. The existing windows move up and down easily so I believe that the frames are square.

My local Marvin dealer has an installed sash kit on display. I'll test tilt the upper and lower sashes. I want to be able to clean the second floor windows from the inside so easy tilting is an important consideration.

I'm thinking that the replacement sash kits won't change the look of the house as much as an insert. In addition, the sash kits appear to be very easy to install. I plan to remove the storm windows and do the sash replacement myself.

Considering my situation, does an insert have any advantages over a sash kit?

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What did you decide? I'm just starting to figure out what to do with my old drafty windows and I'm leaning towards using a sash kit and handling the installation myself.


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I'm leaning toward the Marvin sash kit. In the meantime, I'm giving the kitchen a face can lights, cabinet hinges, granite counter top, undermount sink, faucet, remove fake beams and wallpaper. I'm also redecking an 1,100 sq ft deck. All I have left in the kitchen is the painting. Once completed, I'll finish the deck which involves replacing 33 16' deck boards then cleaning and staining the entire deck.

I'm planning to order a trial sash kit in about a month. I want to try one before I place an order for the entire house.

Which sash kits are you considering?

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