Bay window - vinyl not wood??

kmarcelMay 18, 2011

We are looking to replace our DR window with a bay window. My husband would like to go with Comfort Windows, which is local to this area. They have a good reputation, lifetime warranty and all our other windows are that brand.

There are a few things that bother me. First it's a vinyl window, which we would do in white. That is not a big issue for me because all my trim in our house is white so I think I can make it look nice by having the woodwork, window seat, etc. in white.

What does bother me is that the vinyl sections between the glass panes is alot wider than if it were wood. Therefore there is less actual glass. We are looking at a 72" window, not including the trim. The glass section in the middle is 31" and the 2 side glass panes are 13" each. That leaves out of a 72" window, only about 43" of glass window.

The 2nd thing that bothers me is that I would like to do roman shades, but given it is vinyl, how would I install it? At the top - ceiling wood part of the window? How would that look? Anyone who has experience or pictures to share, please help me.

I haven't gotten other estimates, but I fear a wood window would be out of our budget and I really would like a bay window, mostly for the appearance inside moreso than outside, making the DR feel larger and will be in backyard, not front. My husband doesn't want to go with a Lowes or other big box type store.

I'm sure the window will be a big improvement, but such a big expense, I want to love it. Please give me some opinions, thoughts.etc.

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I don't know if Comfort World has any, but Gorell has a model called the 5100. It has a very narrow frame and usually gives a few more inches of glass area, about as much as wood. We use it when customers want more glass area, but only have windows less than 48" wide.

As for the shades, you can mount them to the top of the header and they will work fine. They normally come with brakets, and the top of the shade covers the mounts. We have to do this for custom installs.

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Thanks for the help on that. I most likely will have to mount at top and when it's installed I'm sure the width of the vinyl won't matter. After all it's twice as large as what I have and it's a bay window!

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