WIP serving tray

trancegemini_waAugust 3, 2008

I finally found a project to do :)

Ive had this craftwood tray for ages and was painting it so I could use it, and then yesterday I saw it in the garage and thought, hmmm, I really should mosaic that! so this is what I did yesterday

mosaic tray
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Great start! I love the teapot! Looking forward to seeing it as you go.....

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Ooooh, I love it. Can't wait to see it finished. Have Fun!

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YEa!! a WIP!! Really cool teapot, love those colors!! Can't wait to see where you go from here!! Keep the pix coming.

Great start!!

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trance, that's cute, are you doing just one tray? did you do the pot or find a pic of one to use, i like the colors alot.

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Oh, I love this. Did you draw or trace the teapot onto the tray and worked from there? What will you do for the background? What color grout do you plan to use?

I am really interested because I am doing a tray for my wine club as a door prize. I have all the tesserae attached and am ready to grout but was gone all weekend. Have to have it done by Wednesday night so better get it finished.

I love seing your WIP. Please keep us posted.

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thanks girls!

oh louisianna and becky, I wish I could draw! I found the pic and enlarged it and traced it onto the tray. Im really not an artistic person so just trying to be creative is a real struggle for me, but Im trying!

becky Im not sure about the grout yet, I bought some light grey grout thinking it would go with just about anything but Im not sure if I should use it or if it will look terrible! I didnt really want to use white because it will make the pot look broken up against a solid white background, so if anyone wants to chime in on that, feel free! I would LOVE to see your tray before you let it go becky!

here is an update, Ive got quite a bit of the background done now...

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That is so precious. It couldn't be more perfect for a serving tray. My mother would just adore that. Wonderful job.

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Hey TRANCE - pssssssssst - don't tell anyone, but I would say you're quite the artist. That is just lovely. You're doing great. This is gonna throw you into an addiction, doncha know? BEAUTIFUL.

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Ditto to Slow!
That is wonderful!
Hurry and finish so we can see!

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Very sweet! Your pieces are so uniform in size. How do you cut or break them? Did you try the grout planner for playing with colors?

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oh thanks so much for the encouragement, there's a frustrated artist inside me that wants to come out but is having a hard time of it LOL

thanks for the link daisy, Ive been playing around with it and it's a real help. the tiles I just break up with a hammer and nip with tile nippers but once I got to the white background I decided to loosen up a bit and not be so uniform with it to see how it looked and it's been fun to do.

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Great job it is really sweet,I thing a meduim grey will be perfect!

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hey Trance YOU ARE GOOD!!!!! I'm really envious of that placement, your grout lines are PERFECT!!!!

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thanks crackpot and thyme!

I stopped halfway through to paint the sides with some white enamel, oh the fumes! but the original leek green paint just didnt go with it. Im still undecided what colour grout to use, Im tossing up between white and the medium grey suggested by crackpotannie, leaning more to the grey I think.

here is the latest update with all the tiles on! woohoo!

Ive learned a few things doing this, the blue and white tiles had a texture which didnt show up on the small pieces so the background is more plain than I wanted but it's all learning!

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WOW! That is so pretty! Can't wait to see it grouted!

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Wow Trance, that is so pretty. You did a great job on your grout lines. Unless you are going for a shabby chic look, in my opinion I would grout with the gray instead of white. If you want to see how gray grout looks with white take another look at the sides of my dictionary stand and it can give you an idea of how your tray will look.

I can't wait to see this grouted!

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Trance, that is awesome. I love it, can't wait to see the tray grouted. I'm thinking gray too

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