Poly Clay Instructions

texasfernJuly 17, 2008

I'm getting the book from Linda and she also informs me that nicethyme did a tutorial on stamping the clay.

I have searched till I'm blind and I can't find it. Wah!

Could someone please help the ole lady out?

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Would this be what you are looking for?

Here is a link that might be useful: clay tutorial

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Oh, thanks so much.
I've told everyone that poly clay is what I want for my bday! Sure hope they were listening!

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Great, that was the one I was talking about , thanks rchovey. TexasPat, hope you get some of that clay, i'm still debating on what to use as a pan, maybe I can pick up some cheap ones at a garage sale, and then it's use my oven or a toaster oven??? hmmm, I have now read through Laurie's book for the 12th tiime!! There is so muchinfo...

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I can't wait to get the book!
Watchin the mailbox!

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