Patterned sheets...what style is this?

ajc9August 11, 2012

Link below....

I'm trying to bring some pattern into a room I'm re-doing...

Our house is a newly built craftsman style home...lots of straight lines...wood...grays and creams throughout...

I do like my mom's and gramma's sheets...but also want to keep things crisp. Do u like the below pattern? With a cream quilt and some white blankets and accent pillows?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheets

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Very pretty (great price too) That's my favorite color combination and what I used throughout our home, so I'm a little biased :c)

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Lukkiirish...u r always helping me with my many bedding questions! It's been my decorating focus all summer;)

Thanks for your opinion. I'm forever afraid of pattern...but just may take the plunge...!

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They're pretty, but honestly, I prefer plain, white cotton sheets. All the sheets in my house are white and can go in any room, because they don't match anything in particular. For me, there's just something so nice about a crisp white sheet!

lukkiirish - You probably already know this, but that price is just for the pillowcases. A complete set would be closer to $175. And while that's not outrageous for sheets, it's not cheap either!

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I really like the pattern and the color, and I'd seriously consider buying some for myself; but looks like the only size left is "King". darn. The price appears to be $34.99 for the sheet set and $29.99 for the pillow cases. That doesn't add up to $175?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like that pattern too, noticed it when it first came out but those are pricey sheets to me, the 34.99 is for a pair of king pillowcases only.

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The king pillow slips are $34.99 a pair, the standard pillow slips are $29.99. Apparently no sheets of any size are available, thus the sale on the pillow slips.

Too bad. It's a very pretty pattern.

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Schoolhouse - They're showing a sheet set, but the price on the link is only for the standard cases ($35/pair)

King flat - $70
King fitted - $70

Queen flat - $65
Queen fitted - $65

When I said $175, I was pricing a king set. I think they're out of king pillowcases though. It would probably be a bit more since the kings are probably more than $35. A queen set would be $165.

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Oops! I just went back and looked again. The standard cases are $30, and the king cases are $35, and both appear to be in stock. Sorry for the confusion.

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Haha..sorry, all, for the confusion! As you've already figured out, I just linked the pillow cases to show the pattern...

Im not so fabulous at purchasing the best deals...this would be more expensive than the norm...

I agree about the white sheets always working in a room...I always do white or ivory! But I get a wild hair sometimes! Will decide today whether to go for it or not;)

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Oh gosh, I didn't even read that it was just pillowcases at that link. lol Thanks!

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I'm late getting back to this party, sorry, but you're welcome and I love to use patterns with a room needs a little pop. It's a bummer they don't have a full set of those sheets but it gives you something to inspire from non the less. I am a huge fan of PB sheets and most particularly a tick stripe type pattern like the one's I've linked to below.

I feel like a dork! I just looked at the picture of the sheets then noticed the price when I last posted. Didn't have time to look through the whole thing and assumed they were just on clearance or something. :c/

Here is a link that might be useful: PB Vintage ticking stripe sheets

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