Help with art over the sofa! I'm so lost!!! pics

justagirlAugust 27, 2008

I need help with what/how to put these pictures over the sofa.

I have the Corona sofa which measures about 6-ft wide.

I have framed, two prints (pair) which measure 12" x 36" each.

The problem  hanging the pics over the sofa, the placement doesnÂt look right. I need have a 3rd print (which doesnÂt exist) or do something else to balance things out.

Maybe I should use the pics in the dinning area and get something else for over the sofa? I dunno - IÂm SO lost.

Any ideas?

Oh, I'm also including a pic of the area rug I plan to purchase.






My scale rendition (don't know what happend to the color here, but you get the idea)

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Perhaps add a mirror -- either long and tall with a silver or brown frame? OR perhaps two square mirrors (again -- silver or brown framed) to "fill" the space?

Or add two or three shorter (but chunky) brown shelves -- with very clean-lined vases with a single gerbera daisy or grasses?

Hope this helps! :)

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Pull the art work in to be centered on the sofa. Are both prints exactly the same?

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robynpa said it for me: pull the prints closer to the middle. I think if they're separated (by too much wall space or other art / mirrors) they'll lose their impact as a pair.

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I would go to Michael's, Joann's or something similar and get a big artist canvas and paint an abstract.

Love the colors you are using as that is what I am going to use in FR. Love the sofa and rug. Did you get your sofa in a store or online. Every time I go looking for something similar I only find them with the bigger arms or else they are very small and my room is to big.

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The prints are not the same but are set. They are Fairmeadow Grounds I and II.


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What about making them part of the same huge piece of art? Tape out and paint a great big rectangle in one of the colors in the prints, frame it out with some molding (stained dark like your frames) and then hang the two inside their frame?


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Okay - twice, I've typed out a reply to you all, including new pics and BOTH TIMES my post didn't take :(


teacats - I've have 4-square wood art wall decor on hold. I'll post a pic of what that may look like. I like your idea of shevles but wouldn't have a clue what to put on them that wouldn't distract from the prints. I'm accessory challenged.

robynpa - what do you think of the updated pic?

dd50 - me, paint? HA! I wouldn't know where to start! I did get my sofa at store - Macy's. I purchased it last year, along with the matching loveseat! I love the design!

ronniroo - VERY COOL IDEA! I'll have to play with that in my little online "model". THANKS!!!

So what do you think of this? Better? Worse?

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I can't wait to see the finished product. I love all your choices. Will you tell me where you got your prints? They'd go perfectly with my new bedspread.

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Actually, I like the negative space between the two prints -- the eye fills in the missing piece. If your aesthetic is "spare", I think I'd leave it be. (But I also greatly prefer unfinished watercolors to finished ones, so that's MY aesthetic!)

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Yes, I like the updated picture with the 4 wood wall art pieces. Post a picture when it is all put together.

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This is something I have done when doing a contemporary room and could not find affordable art that worked out. I bought a canvas on stretcher bars, found a piece of fabric I really loved (nice linen or silk fabric with a pattern) and stretched it onto the canvas, stapled it taut and made it into art.

If you could find a patterned fabric (a nice fabric) with slubbing, maybe, in the colors of the rug and stretch it onto canvas of about 54 inches x 48 inches, it would be much better than spreading the two prints so far apart with that negative space, which IMHO will make it look like you need to put something else.

Although I would probably use the two leaving about 2 feet in between them and placing a small skinny mirror in between them, or you could buy two skinny mirrors and make a grouping. Composition is a good thing.

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I would probably leave them as you had it in the first picture and put something big and round in the middle to kind of tie in the curves in the carpet.

Love the prints, sofa and rug. Can't wait to see the finished room :)

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deee - I'll tell you where I got the prints if you show me your bedspread!

I bought the prints from and the artist is Tandi Venter.


Oh, so much to do before the room is ready! I have to paint the walls (don't know wha color), figure out what to do about the art and get accessories together (did I mention I am accessory challenged?). The LR flows into the dinning room too, so I plan to tie the two room together. Oh, and I have an eyesore of a fireplace that I have to work into the mix as well. Ugh...

Okay - so rug option #2 - what do you guys think of this rug? I like that it has cranberry in it, so it opens up more color choices for me.


I have a ton of inspiration photos though, so hopefully I can get somewhere close to how I feel I want the room to look.

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Justagirl, that looks really nice. In my previous rant, I mentioned finding fabric to put on canvas on stretcher bars and that rug you have found if fabric, would make a GREAT piece of abstract art, just stretched across canvas and it could be put in between the two pictures, same as the plaques you presented. Either would be a great application. I am not totally into something round unless it is something like a mid century modern bulls eye mirror.

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justagirl, your sofa and the first rug look great together.
I would think that the art above the sofa should be about 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the sofa and it needs to be as tall as your ceiling height will allow. An oversized canvas would be good. I like your art, but it is not making the statement that your rug and sofa deserve. I like the idea of creating abstract art on canvas.

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IMO, the curves in the first rug complement the art prints much better. And I love your first rug color choice, but color is such a personal thing.

If you arrange the art work over the sofa in a symmetrical, balanced way, then you may want to consider a looser, asymmetrical arrangement of end tables and lamps.

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Blondie is right about the measurements, 2/3 to 3/4 is considered accurate for width of art to sofa.

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I love rug option 2! It brings out the red in the artwork - plus I just like accents of red. :-)

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I like the last arrangement best!

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I like the first rug the best but the second one is nice and would go nicely.

Here is a link to make your own abstract painting. YOU CAN DO IT! as CL says.

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I would hang the two prints as you showed in the second to last mockup (with the four little pieces around them, only don't use those). Then I would get two wall-mounted, plug-in style lamps to hang on either side of the prints, to give you light over the couch and end tables without the clutter of lamps there.

Maybe something like this? I like the modern aesthetic, and how the curve of the back plate picks up on the curves in the artwork.


I would stick with the first rug. The flowing effect of the rug is a nice balance for the very angular feel of the couch and loveseat..

Consider this pillow from Pier 1. Notice how the flower pattern echoes the flowers in the prints and also the subtle background flowers that you almost don't see in the print. Plus it pulls down the warmer tones from the print onto the cooler color of the couch/loveseat.

floral pillow

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