Can I attach 2 windows to make a single window?

trofywifeMay 29, 2010

I would normally ask our contractor this question, but he is out of town for the weekend.

We just reworked our remodeling budget and found some $ for a couple more new windows. Here's the problem, I would like to have single hung and the size I want is a special order size. We don't have time to wait on the windows.

My question is can I buy 2 single hung vinyl windows and have them installed right next to each other so they appear to be a single window? These would be new construction windows.

I need to make my major Lowe's trip today so if someone can answer soon I would really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for any help!

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I'm pretty sure you would have to get a mull bar to go in between the 2 windows in 1 opening. We have a large opening and 2 single hungs with a mull bar in between. We're getting our windows replaced and most quoted around $80 in materials for a mull bar that's around 49 inches in height. The windows won't technically appear to be a single window because there will be a bar in between the 2 that's around 2-1/2 inches wide.
I couldn't find a good pic on google, so here's one of our old windows with the mull bar

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Windows on Washington

Yes. They can be mulled as mentioned above.

Very simple task.

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