How do you store your supplies?

loribee2July 7, 2010

I've just "mashed up" a bunch of tiles and have the pieces sitting in Cool Whip containers. I'm looking for a better way. How do you store and organize your tiles/pieces? I was thinking maybe freezer bags stored in a Rubbermaid container, but am suspecting you all have a much more creative solution!

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Qt-sized Mason jars, emptied qt-sized jars from tomato sauce to pickles, stacked plastic drawers and plastic shoe boxes from Walmart and the $ store - anything I can find.

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same here...and also clear glass vases bought from garage sales, thrift stores, or from under kitchen sink..
glass cereal bowls, pyrex cake pans, glass measuring cups..
jars, lined up along the window sill, with pretty colored glass in them..

there are a lot of black plastic milk crates stacked up in the back bedroom...from when I spent literally hours and days cutting, sorting, filling all those containers.

I also always kept the "dust" from the tiniest pieces of nipping all that glass. kept in small containers, with tight fitting lids

I thought it would be cool, to add to the grout...give a bit of texture and matching color to the grouted, finished piece.

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I have been inspired from people on this forum to build shelves with 1x4 width to display my mason jars on...and they go all along 2 walls in my craft room(shoulda gone higher, like 5or6ft tall)and so I can see and enjoy all my "pretties"heh heh!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Love the shelves! Here in earthquake country, I'm a little afraid of all those glass jars. Though I have a friend who is trying to get rid of two cases of glass mason jars. Maybe combining it with the milk crate idea to keep them all in place... I appreciate all the ideas!

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Loribee..I use plastics and glass and divider boxes, just about anything I can get my hands on. I originaly ordered a lot of plastic containers from US Plastics. You might check them out. If you have shelves and want to secure the glass jars, try some screw eyes and bungee cords across the front to keep them from falling. A lot of my broken dishes I keep in tubs under my worktable outside and can slide them in and out as needed. Go to the Studio set and see.

Here is a link that might be useful: studio

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Flag I think you have the best room.My studio is not as organize as I would like.I try but I have way to much stuff. I just can not part with .I use a lot of peanut butter jars the plastic one I just love them.I also drink a lot of juice and I cut the bottom off and store left over plates and so on in them .I use a little bit of every thing any thing I can recycle .

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Flag, what a dream studio that is! I love the colors. It looks like something out of a magazine. (And I've been squinting to see some of the things you're working on, LOL).

Thanks so much all for the ideas. You're really getting me thinking!

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Thanks Nana and Lori. I have a friend who eats a lot of peanut butter and saves the jars for me. Also the new plastic mayo and miracle whip jars are a great size. I haven't seen the juice containers used. How about a pic?
I save and have neighbors saving plastic tubs for me from cool whip, margarine amd cottage cheese. I use tons of these for grout and my small yougart cups and plastic cups from small applesauce etc. for thinset, especially when I just need a little bit or can't mosaic for long. I then don't feel guilty when I get interrupted and the stuff sets up on me. Just toss it and make more.

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Flag, YOU are my inspiration for my studio!!! And I also do the yogurt container thing, it's soooo awesome! Popcicle sticks are my best friend!!!ha!

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in the beginning, when I hadn't caught on to the idea of glass containers or other things, I was cutting off the tops of milk cartons for the shards.
I probably have some still with glass in them,..somewhere.

lately I have been saving the cool shaped orange juice jugs..but that's for storing home made laundry soaps.
they would also make a nice, sturdy..with a handle container, for more broken dishes.

now I have to start thinking in terms of many more containers.

I scored a source of stained glass that had been ordered from some of the most wonderful companies, for a couple who had done a number of years of work all over the states.

they had begun to liquidate their inventory, these past few months and I wasn't searching for any stained glass at that time.
I was too late for the tools, saws, grinders and all that but still, after 85% of their glass was sold, I met them and instead of selling the rest..they are setting me up on a payment plan, for the rest of the glass and frames.

I'm only barely getting set up on the first glass piece.
they understand that I'm not knowing how to do the actual stained glass and they're quite content to know that I'm starting out with GOG and mosaics.
I've made a very limited few pieces of mosaics..a few vases and that genie bottle..

they only want to see some happiness happen with their glass and it also saved them much time, expense and all the packing of shipping, when I can drive up to their existing studio, on a beautiful drive and visit, while there..
a certain win-win outcome.
she gave me a hug and called me her new "fledgling" and wished me well. They were happy to have had enough supplies to help me on my way~

I don't think I even own a glass cutter, in fact~
it's only been a hammer and nippers for me, for the past 5 years..rather lame but I've been content to smash and dash...

I have a window outside to choose..
per "Slow's" request..she said to ..
~~~frame the one and start on a new one..~~~
the 'new' one is drawn and now I need to choose which old frame window I'll work it on.

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You lucky duck - I NEVER run into any of these wonderful moments of gifts!!!!!!! Now, you go girlie, and show your stuff. You are a walking tower of talent, so put it to work. I'm soooo anxious to see your first project.

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I use the jars etc. and have fish line to stop them from falling in an earthquake, albiet a small earthquake. Another way for small amounts is tiny muffin trays. You can organize beads, milfiore etc and stack the trays in a box. The plastic bead organizer boxes are great for small precious tiles. Now if I can just find everything....

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I don't have any superior storage ideas to share, but as for the tiny shards, I save them too - and I put them in a glass cylinder that holds a large candle. You know people actually BUY glass bits to put in the bottoms of those cylinders LOL! It looks good and goes with my backsplash because it is all the same colors.

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I use plastic shoeboxes at $1.00 each. I have my colors sorted in each box. I have 2 boxes of "scraps" from projects and I go to these boxes first when planning a project. After the "scraps" boxes they go into a "someday I will make a cement project with crushed glass box". My tools I keep in a Bucket Boss installed over a plastic bucket. I can grab the bucket when I start a project and have everything from glass cutter, to permanent markers, to rubber gloves.

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