Need sliding glass door - blinds between glass?

ribeyeMay 15, 2013

We were walking around Lowes and saw sliding glass doors that have blinds between the panes of glass. Lowes carries the Pella and Jeld-Wen brands.

As it so happens, we are looking to replace a sliding glass door at our house, and are considering our options.

Option 1: get a sliding glass door w/ the blinds btw panes
Option 2: get a sliding glass door w/o the blinds (and just put in drapes

What would you guys choose?

If you choose option 1, any recommendations on brands/models?

Same question for option 2.


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Jeldwin is low end and pella vinyl is junk/ cheaply made.
If you want a high grade vinyl, i would look at Okna or Sunrise.
Both are high quality with internal blind options,

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Thank you, mmarse1. Do you have an opinion of whether or not to purchase the sliding door w/ the blinds? My concern is trying to fix the blinds should they malfunction or break.

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Just a quick update - spoke to a dealer who sells sliding doors. One of the things she warned me of was that, for sliding glass doors w/ the blinds, the glass will not have the low-e coating (which aids in insulation). Given that, we may just opt for a regular sliding glass door w/ blinds/drapes.

We will look into Okna and Sunrise.

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They are correct. Most SGD with internal blinds have neither soft-coat low-e or an argon fill.

Some do come with hard coat low-e but the blinds tend to offer the client much of the shading control and therefore control the heat.

That is probably the biggest complaint (minus just malfunctions and failure) we get around older patio doors - heat and bleaching the floor.

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