Cost of Marvin Ultimate vs. Marvin Integrity

kate38May 4, 2010

We are in the design phase of our new build and are thinking about Marvin windows. Please let us know your experience with pricing--what is the percentage difference (or dollar diff. if you know) between the Ultimate and the Integrity. And, within the Integrity line, the difference between the Wood Ultrex and the All Ultrex. We'll be needing something like 30 dbl. hung or casements, and two or three sliders, all in white on both sides. Thanks for whatever info you can provide.

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Hi, I am in the same situation, but have learned some things. We need 34 windows. The Ultimate is a costy window. I have been qouted $40,000 for my windows and $28,000 for the Integrity line. Remember the Integrity is not an aluminum clad, but fiberglass. That is why it is cheaper. Also, I found the wood is not as attractive, but still a nice looking window. I found a dealer that can get me my Ultimate windows for $32,000. Best advice shop around. Find the one you like and just shop it. I have been at it for weeks and it is very stressful. We are also looking at Eagle windows. Try looking at them as well. They are Andersen's aluminum clad division. Many colors to choose from at no additional cost. Good Luck!

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windowshooper-what part of the country are you in? I'm doing the same thing with the Marvin lines. Maybe we can help each other out.

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I am in Maryland. I am trying to get two dealers to compete. Do you think they will? I am hoping. Really like the Ultimate windows and did alot of research and Marvin has the best reputation. Andersen runs head to head with other products, but not with aluminum clad. The Eagle brand I hear leaks alot.

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We have been looking at replacement windows as well. Are you located within the northern VA/DC/MD area? If so, did you check out Renewal by Anderson? We had them out for a visit and the price didn't seem too outrageous. We were leaning towards wood clad windows but I was told that in our area they aren't the best choice due to the humidity. Any thoughts on that? We are ready to just get new windows and getting tired of "window" shopping.


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Windows on Washington Ltd

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Wood clad in this area.

It has been used successfully for more years and will continue to do so.

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I agree with Windows on Washington. He's been a dealer in the D.C. area for a long time and knows this market.

Whomever told you wood windows weren't a good choice for the DC area obviously had an agenda to sell their window to you. I'm guessing it was the Renewal Rep since they have a well known national reputation of being full of it.

Talk to a dealer that sells more than one brand of window. I think you will get more honest and unbiased information.

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windowshopper- I don't know if the dealers will compete. I have about the same number of windows as you, 3 of them are arched casements, plus 7 sets of French doors (5 of them are stationary). I was told that Integrity didn't make the arched windows I needed & I would need to go with Marvin Ultimate for those. I consulted with 4 different dealers-everyone had a different price and no one was willing to compete. One of them deals pretty much just with Marvin & he was the highest of the bunch! When I tried to negotiate and let him know he was significantly higher than other dealers and frankly he was even higher than the quote I got from Pella (which was through the roof), his response was he may not be the least expensive, but I was paying for quality. Quality? No matter where I get the Integrity, it's the same window quality, right? My framer is installing, so installation quality doesn't enter into it. Then he tried to talk me into all Marvin Ultimate because using Ultimate for the 3 arched windows & Integrity for everything else just wouldn't look right. When I let him know there was no way I could afford all Ultimate, he again went on and on about quality & making room for them in the budget. Obviously, he had an agenda & it didn't match mine.

With that being said, one dealer is working with the area Integrity rep to see what they can do about getting a better deal especially on the French doors. They came in about double the cost of Jeld-Wen Siteline, M&W Mira & M&W Freedom 800, and just above the Pella Architect price. The windows were all less expensive than the Siteline, Mira, and Pella. We shall see what they come up with! But absolutely nothing wrong with shopping around--if you don't ask for a better deal, you can't expect them to voluntarily offer you one. Let me know how things go & if you find a dealer with rock bottom Integrity & Ultimate pricing!

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I have sold Parrett on many jobs as a less expensive option on round tops or shapes. If they are speced properly the appearance will match Integrity, Marvin, Kolbe and many other brands pretty dam close. To match Integrity I would use there clad exterior, they also have a clad color match to Integrity's white color

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