Do you use a Dremel for cutting tiles?

loribee2July 7, 2010

I just bought a Dremel for some wood projects, and discovered there are some tile cutting bits. I'm wondering if it would work better than the chipper hand tool I've been using. Does anyone use them for your mosaic projects, and if so, what bit do you use, the standard tile cutting bit or one of the diamond wheels?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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No - not the Dremel. I use a tile wet saw for things my nippers don't nip easily.

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Hi, My husband has a dremel. I was asking him about some type of file to file down sharp edges on glass, plates, whatever. He told me to use his dremel. That it had a small grinder that would be really easy. I got it out of the garage this morning to remind him to show me. I am tool stupid so I need hands on instructions. I'll let you know how it works. I had not thought about cutting with it, fun!

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I'm sure if you only had 1 or 2 tiles to cut it would be okay, I'm wondering about the length of time it takes to saw a whole tile and if you should be thinking about how to cool the blade(tile saws usually have water to cool the blade and make the diamond blade last longer) and the dremels here in Canada only have diamond drills for the dremel, no diamond cutting blades. I am an instant gratification kinda gal and like to whip thru lots of tile with the tile and easy!! Worth the $100 I paid for it!! Plus I have my stained glass ring saw for fidly things too!

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This is probably a dumb question here goes: Do those tile saws cut glass? My reply above I meant to say I did not know the dremel would cut "wood".

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Realrose, that's exactly what I was thinking of using it for. Not so much cutting up big tiles, but shaping and softening the smaller pieces. I'll be very curious to know how that works for you. The bits are $10 each, so I didn't want to buy one without checking to see if anyone has experience with it.

Calamity, I'm curious about your tile saw. The only one I've seen in action is the one our "tile friend" has used when he's done work on our house. It's hooked up to a hose, looks like a table saw and makes a big mess. Though, I could do what he does and set it up outside, I'm wondering if what you're referring to is something different? I checked them out on Amazon and they seemed to have some smaller ones that might go on a table top. I'd love to know what you work with.

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Yes,LORI: The tile saw is like a table saw w/water to cool the blade as CALAM said. I leave mine set up outside all the time, and it DOES cut glass. It's what I used to cut the bottles for my present project - fountain surround extension. It zips through plates wonderfully also. I have one large one from Lowes and the smaller one I'm using now is from Harbor Freight - $60.00.

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Lori- Get the Harbor Fgt one, it will do all you need and cut glass too. Wear safety goggles and a mask if you can, the dust is a mess and prepare to get a little wet. I use a rubber apron and it helps keep a lot of the water out of my lap.

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Ok I use my Dremel for every thing .I have a diamond coated disk on my dr and I use it for every thing to day I even grinned mirror with it .I cut those roses off those little figurines .I do use a cooling lubricant on it I just do little things not a lot of tile .I use a saw like slow and Cam. does Here is a link you can get all kinds of blades I hope it is ok to post it.

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Thanks for the great suggestions! We have a HF up in Santa Rosa. I'll need to go check them out. Sounds like they've got the best deal on equipment. And thanks, nana for the info on your Dremel. I think I'll get the couple of bits and just see what I can do.

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I have only used my tile saw for glass bottle cutting...I don't think I'd try a sheet of stained glass on it...just for more input about that. Here is the site that has my DREAM SAW!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Revolution XT

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While perusing Flickr this morn, I found a posting that addresses this question.
Dremel user

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Can you use a dremel to clean old grout off glass tiles?

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I use my Dremel all the time to help shape pieces that a wheeled nipper can't. I also get rid of sharp edges with it. I get so confused about what all the different attachments are for. I have about a million and use two. I guess I should go check out nanatricia's link!

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Flag or Slow - could the Harbor Freight tile saw be used to cut the small 3/4" ceramic or glass tiles or is it suitable for only larger pieces?

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