Fiberglass? Aluminum Clad?

wayhopMay 11, 2013

Everyone's replies to a previous posting got me thinking about whether my base window assumptions were wrong. We live in the SF Bay Area where the weather is very stable but we will have wind and direct sun. Our design is Contemporary/Modern with very clean lines and no exterior trim.

Consensus is that wood exteriors on our windows would be a maintenance nightmare. We figured that aluminum would be the better choice with wood interiors to balance the modern style.

Now I'm reading about how clad windows leak and the wood rots over time. UGH. Can someone help with a little education? We can do all aluminum and put wood sills on the interior or we could look at fiberglass or other materials if they look as modern and crisp as the aluminum. Our current place has vinyl and although they work well, they are not the right material for the new project.

I don't want to say that money is no object, but we know this is going to be expensive and we want to make the right long-term decision even if it means more of an upfront investment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is a new construction home?

I think you need to see the Marvin Integrity with the wood interior or perhaps the InLine fiberglass with the wood interior (if available).

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Marvin use extruded aluminum which is extremely durable. Pella uses aluminum as well but its NOT extruded( as far as i know).

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Extruded frame, roll form sash. 10 yrs two different colors to go along with the rot!

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Re: fiberglass option:
When I was at the Inline factory I did not see any options of wood inside like the Marvin Integrity windows (i.e. wood in the interior frame). Perhaps that option has been added in the last year since I was at their factory. For what it is worth there are other fiberglass window makers. They tend to be in Canada but do ship to states for some extra $ (Fibertec, Thermotech Fiberglass Fenestration). I think Inline has more reps in the US.


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