Anderson 200 vs. 400?

fedudeMay 18, 2008

Does anyone have an opinion on the difference between Anderson 200 and 400 lines?

My builder is leaning toward the 200 line and I've seen the 400 line and they don't appear to be that much different. I have a lot of windows in my new 2-story great room and I want to make sure I'm not being penny-wise and pound foolish.

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Best go to Anderson's site and read the differences between the two series. They may look the same but are different.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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I can't tell you the difference offhand. However, when we built our house we went with the 200 series tilt-wash double hungs and used the 400 series for casement and awning windows. I actually liked the look of the 200 series double hungs better than the 400 series and they were a fair bit cheaper. Quality wise, the 400 does seem like a slightly better product and there are more options in terms of harware and outside finishes. I don't regret our decision though to use windows from both lines.


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I've been reading these...interesting.

We are building a house in Ohio and the builder wants to install the Silver Line series. It is a new window company that Anderson just purchased, and the reviews on the performance on this product line was poor. We want to upgrade to the 200 series, but after reading many of your reviews, I'm not sure that 200 is good enough.

We really don't need a range of color or specific sizes, as we have to go with white and the builder has already spec'd out the sizes in the DH, so I'm wondering if the 200 (w/ low E) is okay.

Has anyone had any experience with Silver Line windows?!?!

Thanks, Heidi

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Silverline is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in vinyl replacement windows, as is the offerings from Pella. If you want a good quality vinyl window, look at the offerings from Sunrise, Gorell, Softlite, Okna and Simonton.

If you want a quality wood window, look at Marvin.

If you like to gamble, buy Pella wood windows, or go to Vegas.

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Take a look at Lincoln Windows as well. I saw them in a showroom and was actually impresed with their construction. Seems more solid than the Andersen 400.

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