My outlets don't work, and its not the breakers!

dhardegrJanuary 10, 2010


Last night I plugged in a space heater into an outlet that had a heater/airconditioner unit plugged into it. All seemed well until I turned the heater off as well as a lamp which was plugged in another outlet. At that moment all the outlets in my apartment except for two stopped working.

I called my landlord who sent out a guy, he looked at the breakers, but said the breakers were fine. He said he would come back tomorrow to work on it. I live in New Orleans also, so I think this building is probably kind of old.

The lights in my apartment seem to work ok, I guess what I really want to know is that I'm not going to die in some electrical fire while I'm sleeping, or that my apartment isn't going to burn to a crisp while I'm at work. If there was some sort of fire going on, I would know by now, right?

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Loose connection somewhere on the circuit. If it is more than one circuit then a loose connection in the panel. If your panel is fed from a fused disconnect in the main electrical room then it be there as well.

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Possibly a tripped GFI?

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