Marvin Aluminum wood Clad windows VS Eagle

windowshooperMay 3, 2010

I am starting a new construction in a few weeks. I am torn with the Marvin windows. I love the Ultimate series and trying to shop around for a lower price then what was qouted. I have seen the integrity line as well. We went to look at Eagle aluminum clad this weekend and they seem to be comparable to the integrity line. I have not received my qoute for Eagle yet. I have 34 windows in my house and the ultimate windows is putting me at approxiamtely $40,000. Integrity at around $28,000. Is this about it? Does anyone have concerns with Marvin or Eagle windows?

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IMO, Marvin makes the very best wood window in America, the fit and finish is unbeatable.

The Eagle is a very good window as well with heavy gauge aluminum cladding, and a lot of color options.

Marvin's Infinity window is a great option. Very attractive product with a strong warranty.

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Either product will make for a great window system. Since you will have to make the investment either way; in 20 years the home will be glad you went with a premium product.

Both Marvin and Eagle are Premium wood lines.

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Search out Eagle in this forum and let that help be your guide!!!!

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Thanks afsa. I researched and Eagle has many faults. Leakage seems to be the problem with the windows. Trying really hard to get Ultimate windows at a more affordable price.

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We're in the process of building and just had our Marvin Ultimate casements installed. They are gorgeous. The Eagle quote we received was around $4000 less than the Marvin. If I recall correctly, most of the price difference was in the french doors (four pairs with sidelights, one pair without). The window prices were pretty comparable. What swayed us to the Marvins was the better exterior finish and the fact that the Marvin dealer in our area was VERY helpful. The Eagle dealer -- uh, not so much.

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The Ultimate is an excellent window but comes at a hefty price.

It is worth every penny if you want wood, but they are a lot of pennies and that is a contractor telling you that we pay a whole lot for them.

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Thank you soo much Nutherokie & Windowsonwashington. I am deciding to go with the Ultimate Marvin windows. I think thery are gorgeous as well. Now I have different Marvin Dealers marking their prices down (not substantially) to get my business. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Are you installing the window yourself or is this for new construction?

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To windowsonwashington, yes to both. We are installing them to make installation goes right and it is for new construction.

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