capt_philJanuary 15, 2010

My electrical needs in the garage have increased. I use power tools which draw a bit of current. Any recommendation if running a 30 vs 40 amp box. I will have a refrig and freezer on the circuit as well plus just a few outlets and overhead lights. (There wil be several 20 amp outlets for the tools and freezer.

Thank you

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Ron Natalie

60 is usually the smallest commonly available, but you're free to put it on a smaller feeder (provide you use the appropriate sized breaker in the main panel).

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Any recommendation if running a 30 vs 40 amp box.

If you're waffling between those two sizes, well, bigger is better, eh?

The differentiator is the cost of #10 wire (30 amps) versus #8 wire (40 amps) for the feeder. If your run won't be it terribly long, 40 amps shouldn't cost much more and that would give you a full 20 amps on a receptacle circuit that's on the same pole as either the refrigerator or freezer.

I'm assuming here that you're planning a 120/240 feed -- two hots, a neutral plus ground.

Or...go ahead a bump to 60 amps, which would handle your loads and more in case you add a 240V power tool or something like that in the future.

BTW, the rating of the box is of secondary consequence so long as it is rated at least as high as the feed. (That is, there's no problem using a box rated @ 60A or 100A for a 40A subpanel.)

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