Vintage Christmas Light Wiring

firsttimebldrJanuary 24, 2010

I am looking for the wiring only for a set (9) of 1940ish Noma Bubble Lights. Can anyone direct me to a possible source for this. Thank you. Betsy.

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Ron Natalie

All the old bubble light sets are 120V parallel wired. You can usually see two wires coming from that plug to each socket. The only other mode in old style x-mas lighting is series wiring where one wire goes from the plug, through each fixture and back to the plug (these are the old, one goes out-they all go out string). However, as I said, all my old bubblers are 120V.

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If you don't mind a modern cordset, you could buy a string of Asian lanterns at an import store and give away the lanterns. Most of these strings use the same size lamp base (C-7) as the old bubble lights did. They probably won't have clips for the tree branches, however, and I think most of them have white wire rather than green.

It you want to reproduce the appearance of an old cordset, you might have to assemble it yourself from modern reproduction parts (plug, wire, lamp sockets). The website linked below might have what you need (I haven't checked to be sure). No doubt there are other similar vendors, this just happens to be one I know about.

Good luck with the project.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reproduction Antique Electrical Parts

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Ron Natalie

You can buy C7 light strings for Christmas trees now. You might have to look a little harder than WalMart though. You can even buy strings with bubblers...of course, the older bubblers are way cooler. I had both on my tree this year.

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