Planter almost finished and I need help?

bonnie_mosaicJuly 4, 2008

I grouted my terra cotta planter today and I happy with it. What kind of sealer do I need to put on it and I have read some stuff saying to seal the inside also. Whatever I use on the outside, do I use the same on the inside?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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uhmmmm well, the pot wanted to be sealed before mosaicing... sooo lets pretend you did that. I've used aqua mix and armor crete, both were fine but Aqua mix leaves a haze on the glass

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FLAG is gonna address this one. She does it perfectly.

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Guess FLAG is too busy outside mosaicing to read this a.m., so I'll put my two cents in. Only disaster I've had in terra cotta pots is one I sealed w/glue/water - early days of mosaicing when I hadn't done my research homework. Dumb me - glue - water??? What was I thinking/?? FLAG told me yesterday she doesn't seal the outside until after grouting, but seals the inside very well. She also told me recently she bought the automotive product that they use to coat pickup beds - you know - that black stuff - to seal the inside of her pots to make them water tight so the moisture won't seep through the clay pots. Post up, FLAG - hope I got this right. Quickcrete carrys a brand of masonry sealer I use on mine when I think about it. Don't use Armorall - it's oil-based, and won't marry w/the mortar.

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Okay guys, I use the cheap brand of automotive undercoat that is in automotive dept at walmart. I use this on the inside of a lot of my pots and this coats them good. I also use this product on the inside of a lot of my recycled birdbaths to stop leaks.
I use Tilelab masonry sealer on ALL my pieces, indoors and outdoors. This is available at Home Depot in gallon plastic jugs. You can also get it online thru Home Depot. A lot of the online mosaic suppliers sell this product in a 10 oz bottle for $20+ and you can get a whole gallon at HD for that. By sealing everything, the grout won't dry and dust up indoors and repels water outdoors. I even used this on my backsplash to keep it clean and nice.
Hope this helps...

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Thank you so much for the information. Sounds like I need to make a trip to home depot.

I appreciate your help!


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