Old paraffin (yellow) wire lube vs. new 'KY' (clear) type?

fixizinJanuary 2, 2011

Is the old-style yellow lube really a fire hazard? Wet or dry, I can't make it burn for trying.

What are downsides of the new clear stuff? Does it turn to "glue" over time, or cause brain cancer?... lol.

Seriously, is the old paraffin based yellow stuff harmful to the newer types of insulation, er whut?

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I have no idea where the scares mentioned originated. I used the yellow lube in the early 1960s. I am not aware of any problem ever with Listed pulling lubricants. Improvised lubricants might be responsible for reported problems. Find something different to worry about.

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It is actually a soap, so flammability is not an issue.

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