silverline windows 8500/8700 is good quality?

madmatrixMay 7, 2010

We got quote from local windows installation company. They sell silverline 8700/8500 windows. I'm not sure this window is good or not. The total 11 windows material cost is $2500. Installation cost is $2500. Total $5000. I feel they are really cheap windows compared to the other quotes. So a little bit curious about the window quality.

Anyone has experience with silverline windows 8500/8700?

Thanks a lot!


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Bottom of the barrel builders window, not very good at all!

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Silverline is a very low quality window as is american craftsman.. they use a poor quality vinyl and the engineering is equally as poor. all vinyl is NOT created equal. unless you are selling your home on 6 months you are wasting your money. why? because silverline are known to leak air and in 2 years you will definitely want to replace them thus paying double for windows..does that make economic sense?

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Thanks doorproz for your reply. I just got back from vacation. Need do the decision as soon as possible. Are you aware of DALCO HOME company? They have Elite 4000 model windows.



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No performance data shown on the site, no links to any performance data. I would be skeptical, generally a company that has good performance values would want you to know what those values are.

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Silver line is certified by WDMA. You will need the product certification number to determine the rating.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silver Line Structural Ratings

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I purchased 10 customer order 8500 series 10+ years ago when I purchased and an older home and did a complete remodel. I ordered them with low-e ergon gas for insulation. In the last year I've replaced approximately half the sashes for seal failure and for the last 4 months I've been attempting to replace a broken balance shoe in one of the casings. After being shipped the wrong part twice, I e-mailed a photo of the correct part. They sent me the same wrong part. Another photo, the same wrong part!!!! Also, I've ordered replacement locks, insulation and screen closures, that each took two attempts to receive the correct part. I just finished sending yet another scathing e-mail off to poor sap that was unlucky enough to seek employment with this dog & pony show of a company.
I'm predicting legal action is right around the corner.

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anytime you can get a window installed cheaply, be very skeptical. anything quality comes with a cost but i can guarantee you its much more expensive installing cheap windows only to replace them again in a few years. Silverline is junk, plain and simple.any vinyl window you can bug cheaply at a building supply store is going to be poor quality.
they are very high quality vinyl windows that outperform expensive wood windows.
Okna, Gorell, Sunrise, Soft Lite, Polaris are a few highly regarded brands.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Hopefully your experience will dis wage other potential customers from the same pitfalls of buying a low cost window and being stuck with a nightmare of problems.

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"Hopefully your experience will dis wage other potential customers from the same pitfalls of buying a low cost window and being stuck with a nightmare of problems."

I wouldn't count on it. The art of going cheap knows no bounds.

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12 year update on the Silverline 8000-8500 series. We built a new house in 2000 and asked the local window distributer for the windows he would use in his house. He stated that the Silverline windows were the best on the market and came with a lifetime warranty. So, we placed the order for 28 new windows. These were ordered with all of the bells and whistles. Double hung, Low-E, Argon filled, and internal grates. When the windows shipped they were nothing more than replacement windows with nailing fins attached to the frame.
After the first 5 years most of the sashes were replaced for one reason or another. The biggest issue was they used a rubber seal between the panes of glass to keep the argon gas in failed under fluctuating hot and cold weather as we get here in New Jersey. When this seal fails the argon escapes and the glass quickly becomes visually streaky because the Low-E film sticks to the glass. The second issue is the plastic clips that keep the windows in the track have become brittle and have been breaking.
By year 10 the majority of the sashes have failed and have been replaced under warranty. The main problem is that they will not replace the upper and lower sashes in pairs. They will only replace the unit that failed. When the new sash's were delivered they never matches the original sash. Now we have issues with air gaps and upper sashes that don't stay up when the windows are opened. Now every time we open a window the upper sash creeps down and the bugs are free to enter the house freely. Lower screen only, no full length screens were available for these windows. I've resorted to using white vinyl tape to keep the upper sash in place and keeping the air out.
I called customer service regarding this situation and I was told that since Anderson bought Silverline they had no ability to accurately match up the sash dimensions exactly. I requested that they replace the sashes in pairs and they said this is not covered in the warranty. At year 12, I give up! I'm looking to replace all of the windows in the house (again). I guess the "lifetime" warranty really isn't worth the paper it's written on. I'd crumple it up and throw it out the window, but I can't open the windows anymore! (Or see out of them either!!!)

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a great example as to why low quality windows are so cheap..silverline are junk.

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Total junk. Shop pricers make up the majority of BBB complaints. But they got what they payed for. I wouldn't put Silverline in a doghouse. :)

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Very true WD. The psychology behind the obsession with low price is very similar to that of someone addicted to gambling. They will find any sliver of justification and hope it all works out. An imbalance in the logic of risk vs gain IMO.

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