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zookeeper93May 20, 2010

I am having a new front door installed today (Fiberglass from Pella - I am hoping it is better than what I have heard about their windows) and the installer (recommendation from a friend)and I got to talking about windows. He mentioned he works for a franchise in town called Clear Choice. They are vinyl windows. Company website says $183 per window installed. Seems too low to be any good. While I like the price, I want a great window. He's going to bid my replacement while he's here.

Any opinions or experience with Clear Choice?

I lIve in the DFW area. I would like to stay around $600-$650 total for 2 windows & install. Is that totally out of line for a good window. These windows are on the garage with a south exposure.

My home is 11 years old and I have white coated metal (aluminum?) windows. They are double pane, single hung. Most of them are 3'8"x6'0". So far, they have held up well.

4 of the windows that are on the front of the house are half arch? eyebrow. Two of them, on the garage, need to be replaced. Once has a broken seal (seemed to happen after we power washed) and the other has a big crack on the interior pane.

I don't know what to replace these windows with. I cannot replace all the windows in the front so that they all match. So, I would like these two new windows to match the old ones or at least compliment. If I can afford it, I MIGHT be open to replacing the other two eyebrow windows, as that is my eldest' room, and those windows take a lot of southern summer sun.

Feedback appreciated.

(A search on this site brought up an old thread with few commments so I was interested in updated opinions)

(The windows on the left are the broken ones that need replacing)

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