Windows on 1930s Duplex

omega73May 22, 2014

Hi, I'm in the market to replace all our windows on an old duplex we recently purchased. I'm sure this question has been asked before and I'll try to dig through some old threads but I really don't know much about what I should be looking for. Any old thorough links would be appreciated too.

I live in Montreal, so a window for cold winters is obviously a priority.What are the key specs I should be looking for, what is the ideal material in terms of the casing (aluminum, PVC, Hybrid)? Any tips would be appreciated. Are there windows that are better at blocking out noise than others?

Thank you.

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The material is really a personal preference as long as you are comparing similar performance windows.

Triple pane with a maximum U-Factor of no more than 0.20 in my opinion (lower is better).

Air tightness rating of 0.05 or below. Good design pressure, etc.

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Great recommendations above. An air-tight window with great thermal properties is what you will want up there. You have some nice vinyl and fiberglass options available.

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Great, the spec info is really what I was looking for to start my search. Thanks. Does anyone know which companies have the best reputation in Canada?

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You are going to have to do some research there.

Start with what materials you want to use and narrow the scope/search from there.

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So, I've started to get quotes for our new windows. One company is pushing their PVC windows, while another independent window installer is suggesting to go with aluminum saying that PVC is no good and that it will warp, etcâ¦etc..The PVC company also has a hybrid model (aluminum exterior, PVC frame). We're still waiting to hear on pricing. I've been reading that aluminum windows are not as good from an energy efficiency standpoint, any truth to this?

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Saying that PVC will warp and etc. without him knowing the window is bunk.

That painting with very broad brush strokes to put it mildly.

Anyone that condemns and entire section of the industry without much factual data behind his claims is probably full of it and will likely be full of it on other fronts.

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Any other suggestions, I'm trying to figure out the pros/cons of Aluminum vs Hybrid but you know how it is when dealing with salespeople.

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Salespeople know what they know and they think they know what they don't know...often times at least.

In Canada, I can't imagine a scenario where Aluminum would be preferred.

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The Hybrids that we're looking at have the aluminum on the exterior, is that a no no in our climate? Is 100% PVC a better option?

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