Downside of Alside Mezzo or Sheffield?

peanutlover17May 28, 2014

We are looking to replace 21 windows with vinyl for our 20 year old home in the Midwest. We have received multiple quotes for insert windows including:

Alside Mezzo $11,000
Alside Sheffield $12,000
Softlite Pro $14,000
Sunrise $16,000

I have read many posts stating that Softlite and Sunrise are much better quality than Alside. Can someone explain exactly what makes the quality worth $1000s more? Since we have some narrow windows (15 in) we are hoping to lose as little glass as possible. Any thoughts on that- the Mezzo line seems to have the narrowest frame? I am willing to continue to shop around if needed. Thanks!

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Only rich people can afford to buy cheap windows.
The mezzo frame is flimsy and designed cheaply. The Sheffield is extremely bulky, has a horrible sill design, and looks cheap.
After all the negativity you have read regarding alside products, i am taken aback as to your consideration of the product.
The soft lite is a much better product as is the sunrise. Fyi, the sunrise will have a slimmer frame than the mezzo and its built MUCH better.
I think you already know the answer to your question.

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I am stealing that first line mmarse1.

That is a keeper.


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those windows are pretty close in glass area, but the softlie and sunrise are better quality by far

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