I have the sweetest hubby!

scootsmomJuly 14, 2008

Yesterday my hubby asked me if I would ride to Lowes with him, so I went.(What normal woman would pass that up?) Anyway when we got there he said he wanted to get me something, and he thought I might like a WET SAW!!!! He found a small 4" Blade wet saw for like 60 bucks. So I have been playing and practicing. Now I am ready to make something and my mind is completely blank!

I really want to do a project similar to the lighthouse that cacbeary did, but I want to do a USMC theme for my son, and put it out by our flag pole. Now I just have to find me a cone. I guess I will have to get creative.

I will keep you posted.....


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Allyson! I want one so badly myself! Tell me about using it. Is it easy enough to cut plates with it? Do your fingers feel vulnerable?

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Daisy, I have always been intimidated by saws and things that could lop off body parts, but this is small and I feel more in control of it. Hubby said I could not cut my hand off, but if my fingers or hand hit the blade it would burn or could cut it a little. The blade is solid and not jagged like a table saw and other saws.
I have only cut up tile and a few saucers, and so far it is great. Since it is small, I can move it anywhere. SO far I love it.

Calamity, I do think I will keep him. LOL


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Yep, sounds like a keeper to me! Congrats on the new toy!
Looking forward to seeing what you create....hoo-rah!

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Congratulations. You're gonna LOVE that saw more every time you use it.

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You go girl! I have been wanting one myself, the wet saw I mean. LOL! Now that I have sold the kiln and molds, I have some room, sort of.
Can't wait to see the project unflold.

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