Gazing Ball stand experimental project

mermaidmosaicsJuly 31, 2009

I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time specially after watching Flag's and Slows latest masterpieces.

I have a pvc sewer pipe, hardware cloth and cement and sand.

after saying many many words i will deny, i got the hardware cloth wrapped around the post, then it was another bigger struggle to put the chicken wire on as the bottom base for the stand. That's why i wondered if using mesh was easier than hardware cloth?? i'm following sherri warner hunters info in her book, though i really want to try Riana method but right now i had only hardware cloth. I do have quite a few scratches on my arms from that and the chicken wire (huge pain that was)

I made two batches of one part cement 3 parts sand and covered the post. . eventually i want to mosaic and put my gazing ball on the stand.(if it works)

In reading Carol's post i discovered i screwed up. Sherri didn't mention when to take out the pvc pipe, so it's still there, was going to do after i had finished the concrete. I tried gently to pry it out after i read that, but it wouldn't budge.. so i might have a BIG problem to tell you all what NOT to do.

And Slow and Flag made this look so easy. HA HA..HA

Here is a link that might be useful: gazing ball stand experiment

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Well bless your heart, MER. I so hope you can take Riana's workshop. You have worked double what is necessary for your pedestal. You could just mosaic a pvc all by itself. You didn't need to insert it into the wire mesh. It is very easy to take a sheet of the diamond mesh, roll one side to the other, and take four or five stitches (17/18-guage wire). Take another sheet, roll it over the roll you've just made and stitch it. There w/be a small gap - about two/three inches all the way down. Cut that strip, and stitch it over the gap all the way down. Then use your thinset you've made out of the sand/cement, and w/gloved hand gently apply it to your pedestal, and smooth it as best you can. Wrap it overnight, and next day - mosaic away. It is VERY strong. You w/be surprised at it's strength. The problem I had w/FLAG's column was cutting one sheet in half to enlarge the diameter. Had it not been near 100 degrees that day, I w/have taken more time to shape that half sheet better to be perfectly round. One sheet rolls perfectly, but when I added the half sheet, I didn't pre-form it. This w/have saved FLAG of having to apply a second coat of mortar in order to cover the seam. Congratulations on making your pedestal. We'll be anxiously watching for your mosaic designs.

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Gee Mer that ain't half bad. You did a good job with the crete. U will probably lose that piece of pipe tho. Why not just crete on up to hide it and leave it in there? The crete looks like it is nice and smooth and the base is awesome. You did a really good job on it. I am anxious to see what you do with this mosaic wise. I am not a big fan of SW Hunter. She pushes her own brand of stuff too much. I am like Slow and try to figure out how to do this stuff with the least number of steps. Keep us posted.

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Mermaid, your stand looks really good. Looks like a lot of work and patience which I don't have much of! I imagine now you will mosaic it? If so show us when it is all done! Good job so far!

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thanks slow, flag and charmo. Slow, it's funny but the purpose of putting the mesh over the pvc was so i could take it out and use it again. LOL. DH said why don't you just fill it up with concrete the easy way, but i had a horrid time with a small mushroom getting the pvc out, and trying to grease that whole post would be a challenge, not to mention trying to figure out how to support it.
so i thought i'll try the mesh way, wanted so much to do something the rianna way but i didn't have diamond mesh so read sherri hunters book and thought i would do it that way. It really is just a small amount of concrete grated through two layers of hardware cloth.. So very similar except for the mesh.

Flag, i agree i don't like that she is trying to push her stuff. That is why i so wanna take Rianas class , she makes do with a few tools and what she has..

Today I think i will put one more coat of crete on it and then mosaic it tomorrow and on.. Not as fast as our resident Texark gals. LOL

So what do I ask for at Lowes 'diamond mesh"?? metal lathe?? Thanks

and you just leave the post in until your shape your mesh?? And then you pull it out???

I have to say if the mesh is easier i can really see doing more of this.. its is so much fun to create your substrate and then mosaic it.. and I so dream of a giant sea turtle and mermaid around our pool...

and finally, my motto, if you can do something the wrong long way, why try it the easy way. rofl

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MER: Trying to get you to see that you don't need ANYTHING to shape the mesh. You shape it by hand. When you roll it sideways, it rolls into a perfect column shape. When you roll it longways, it's harder, but still can be shaped by hand. On my wall fountain surround, the two tall ones are just rolled sideways, and the two short planters on the ends are a piece cut to the height I wanted them, and rolled longways. Have your hooked stitches ready when you roll them, put one stitch in the middle to hold it, then work toward each end. I'm telling you, it's easy. The hardware cloth works well too. Just roll it into a circle, stitch it together, and when you put the second layer on, try to offset the holes so the concrete has something to hold to. The space in between the metal holds the crete. IMO - you don't need another layer of mortar on your pedestal. It's ready to mosaic. Riana only puts one layer on, unless you are wanting something to hold water, then she adds a third layer of mesh, and THEN two layers of crete. You're making this much harder than necessary. Yes, Diamond mesh lathe - in the bldg. section. Go find it yourself - sometimes the helpers don't have a clue.

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Good for YOU!!! Way to go on getting this done! And what a perfectly smooth job you did!!! This is gonna be a masterpc!!!

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MER: Gonna try this one more time w/OUT previewing the pictures, cuz I've gotten cut off by Photobucket twice. Went out in the rain to get this sheet of mesh. It's 28"X97". I show the type of stitching wire and size of stitches - 17 guage - got this in the fencing dept. It's a bit flimsy but is ok for this purpose. I use bailing wire when I'm going through multiple layers - much heavier. Continue making stitches until it's well seamed. Take another sheet and wrap it around the column, beginning your wrap away from your seam. Stitch as you go, and when you get to the gap, stitch well. Take another sheet, cut a strip about 3" all the way down, and lay it on top of your seam. Be sure and pre-form this piece, turning your raw edges inward so they don't stick out when stitched. Use the hammer on places you want formed - my hands are not very strong, so I use the hammer a lot. Now you're ready to mortar. Mix a 60-lb bag WELL - wheelbarrow and hoe, till you can form a nice wet ball in the palm of your hand. BE CAREFUL W/THE WATER it's real easy to get too much. Mix well as you go. W/your gloved hand, hold your palm against the mesh and push gently upward/away from you - don't use fingers to push. Be careful not to keep spreading - once twice is enough. When finished, wrap overnight, and next day let the mosaicing begin. I'm posting my link, but Photobucket is acting up, so if the page doesn't show up, just try another of my past links. Don't know what's wrong w/PB.

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It didn't show up at all. Trying again, but if it doesn't work, the pictures are in my "temporary" folder.
column instructions

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Slow what a dear deal gal your are!! Thanks, I saw the instructions in PB in the temp folder, thanks again so much.

but.. then why did flag use a temporary column for her post?? Because it was so tall?? Just trying to understand..

I am going to put one more coat on just so I can smooth the base, all the crete mixture didn't fill up the chicken wire so it's a bit wobbly, and while I'm at it i will just smooth out the crete to see if i can cover up the hardware cloth. ( I know I'm crazy)

originally my idea was to save the pvc and do more stands for different things, but i guess this one is staying put, no problem.I'll just cover up the rest of the pipe i hadn't covered before.

I did call this an experiment didn't I ROLF

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FLAG didn't use anything!!! I made the column for her, just as I did for this instruction. I think you got confused cuz she had pictures of a pvc that she's gonna mosaic. When I made my Gypsie Head Planter, LOTS of the wire mesh was visible - you're a perfectionst, I suppose. When you use thinset to mosaic, nothing w/show. It's already strong enough to last a few hurricanes, tornadoes earthquake etc.

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Sorry Slow for being so hopelessly slow, Maybe i should take your name. LOL

And I WAS thinking of something Flag said about mosaiciing a pvc piece and a mention of her telling Bama she could use the 12' tube her DH brought home , so it was just me in a bad case of heat/humidity/brain fog and I I just put it together the wrong way
2=2 =6 y'know.. LOL
Now I think i have this right side up in my head, if i screw up this one I will try from scratch with the lathe..

thanks for setting me straight. I really appreciate learning from the QUEEN of concrete and fountains!!! You go gal.

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