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branlanceMay 5, 2012

hello all

just recieved a quote by a contractor offering Affinity Windows. after seeing a few other windows, these appeared to be of a higher quality. salesperson (owner) was very informative and answered all of our questions fully.

we were educated as to what performance numbers to look at and he mentioned the following 3.

the window was triple pane glass with argon gas fill.

the performance numbers were as follows>

the total ufactor of .19

air leakage of .05

and dp rating of 65

he also said it was a deceunick extrusion with very thick outer walls and they had a window specifically designed for them. i since found out this was true.

down to price. 6200 for 10 windows including installation and debris removal. house is 12 years old. opinions?

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I'm not familiar with this particular manufacturer so I can't comment on their manufacturing precision or their customer service. However, the numbers on the window look pretty good. See if you can get a few referrals from homeowners who have had them installed for a while.

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You didn't say where you are located but hopefully you realize these windows are manufactured in Australia. I don't know how that would affect any warranty issues but it's something to consider.

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I think this may be them Eco and they are in Pa. Can't see any of their info as the site is under construction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Affinity Windows

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I seriously doubt if the windows are specifically designed for them. What that means is that they have an order format for a set of specs and the windows are made according to those specs and given a private label. From what I gather, the window plant is a fabrication facility that buys extrusion that is available to many fabricators.

The numbers are very good, if that's the most important thing. There are a thousand different vinyl windows out there, and this is just another one. If you're going vinyl, I'd suggest you go with one of the companies that the guys on here recommend all the time, that will last longer.

I visited my rental yesterday which has Amerimax windows that are 12 years old. They are crap, 100% completely crap. It's disgusting. Dust on the window sills, seals are all loose, locks are loose, caulking all pulling off, pieces separating, etc. What I'm telling you is go high end or move within 5 years. It's not worth the money otherwise.

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Affinity do have their own design.. although its a deceunic design, they utilize a different frame. they are one of only 7 companies with that particular frame design. its very well engineered and nice looking as well with great performance numbers. they also utilize a welded sloped sill.
i would rate this window right up there with HiMark, Sunrise, Okna, and Soft Lite.
i know a few of their dealers offer the Ultra Series which is one heck of a window. and is slightly different than their standard. a few uogrades.
pricing seems within range due to it being triple pane.
the Affinity website is getting updated and they are an american company located in P.A.

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it was quite obvious to both my husband and i that the Affinity was much better than the alside and ideal window we saw. both seemed to be cheap looking.
what else makes the Affinity window better than some of the others we have seen?

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the best guage are those 3 performance numbers you mentioned.
also, if you saw the corner cut, you will notice alot of chambers and also notice how thick the walls are. its very solid and well constructed. Affinity use the " Lexus frame" which is different than mist of decuenic.
also, the quality of the vinyl itself is a very high grade unlike alot of the garbage sold at home depot and lowes.
this wimdow is also foam filled and uses the super spacer which is a non metal spacer system. the other 2 windows by alside and ideal are not well regarded. as the other poster said, windows are something you want to invest in once, so do it right .
let us know how everything works ous.

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thanks mmars1
we are going with the" Affinity ultra series window " .we are also going with the triple pane glass option.
10 double hung windows in triple pane with argon. $6200 .
thanks for the help everyone !

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That seems pretty reasonable. Please let us know how the install goes.

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my windows have been installed for about 3 months and we are extremely pleased with the quality of the windows and just as happy with the installation. we are happy we chose the Affinity Ultra Series Windows and did wind up getting the triple pane glass and it made a big difference compared to our old windows. one thing i learned from this whole process was how much of a difference there actually is between lower quality windows that we saw and the higher end products. i really think its so much more logical to pay extra and get quality. thanks again for all your help.

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great to hear about a good experience. the Affinity Ultra is a great window; very well built and great performance numbers. also a good looking window.
great feedback, this is what we like to hear.

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What other companies are using the " lexus" frame ?
Did the $6200 include wrapping the exterior trim in aluminum coil?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Ultra is a very solid window and definitely a good performer.

Good choice.

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What is your feedback on Affinity windows now?

If anyone can comment on this:

I am planning to get Affinity Elite (dual pane),which has following charactertics. What do you think?

U Value: 0.22
Solar Heat Gain Efficiency: 0.17
VT - Visible Transmittance: .38
CR - Condensation Resistance: 49
Air Infiltration: 0.05

Numbers seem good. How about the Affinity Windows company? It seems the current owner of Affinity was affiliated with Weather-Tite, which closed its doors in 2008. Is it worth the risk to go with a 4 year old company?


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Windows on Washington Ltd

For the short time that we have been dealing with them, their product has been spot on.

They are very responsive and the couple of manufacturing issue we have had were promptly addressed.

I would be interested to hear bralance's feedback as well.

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We are very happy . Being in new jersey we went with triple pane . Our dealer offered the Affinity " Ultra Series " which only a few affinity dealers have access to; its a bit different than the standard elite and also better. It's a good looking window and made very well. google search "affinity ultra series windows" and you will probably find a licensed dealer.
Best of luck

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Branlance / Anyone - my wife and I are in the process of receiving estimates for replacement windows... the contractors/dealers we have been meeting with use Affinity windows.... from the demos' the product is definitely high quality (We are in Chester County, Pa). My question is, if I am not breaking etiquette, what is the name of the contractor you used for your project? I ask because I received one estimate of $13K for 16 windows and 3 sliding patio doors... and another for $21K using the same manufacturer (Affinity)... both offering 'lifetime' guarantees for the windows and labor?!

If anyone can tell me... what are we missing here?? Why such a huge delta in quotes?

Thank you!

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It's not uncommon for numbers to all over the place, just the nature of the business.Make sure they are bidding everything the same, the little details can make a big difference, and check out the company thoroughly.

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The Affinity windows are a well made product because of the parts they use prior to construction of the window by the local manufacturer and reasonable in price- especially for the options they give- but yes- pricing varies from company to company based on reputation-company- installation type. The same old story, you get what you pay for, and remember if the salesman is willing to say it, he should be willing to write it on the contract.

As a flooring person who bought Affinity windows (love them) the difference is the company, reputation and installation - a bad installer will take a good product and make them a nightmare for your home. Many people think they can install products, but are lacking the right education and ability- good luck on your purchase, but shop the affinity windows with a couple of dealers- check the better business bureau - call the manufacturer - look for a store, so if there is a problem you have somewhere to go to complain, not chasing a pick up truck or calling a cell phone that only has voice mail.

Please make sure you have a detailed quote with all expectations and warranties in writing - then compare the differences- it will become more obvious and easier to make a decision. I am shopped with depot and lowes often with their whole house $39 installation- but when they finally give a full written quote ( rip out, steps, furniture)- the difference between me and them are pennies (many times, I am lower)and our service and warranty and installation is superior. But until everything is spelled out, homeowners do not know what they are really getting in service, warranty and value. An educated customer is the best customer. Good Luck

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Never looked at the rules, we apologize.

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Not a problem..i just edited mine as well.

Whats interesting about Affinity Windows is the fact that they are not a new company. In fact, the current owner has been manufacturing windows for over 30 years and sold his factory and equipment to another company in 2008 in order to buy new automation equipment and move into a better facility in order to focus on " high end " vinyl windows. For him to do that, he had to have a new company name which is now called Affinity Windows. I first thought they were some brand new company but thats not the case. This was done in 2009 in the midst of the recession so them having NO debt and growing says something about them. its an Interesting story and they make a nice window.

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