Coloring grout? Please help.

concretenprimrosesJuly 25, 2011

Hi there,

Linda (Oldcrafty) and I would like advice on coloring grout.

She has an amazing project that I'm hoping she tells you about. I would like a couple of different greens. Could you advise us?



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Go on-line for grout/concrete colorants. When I first started mosaicing, I ordered a 10-piece set of powdered colorants from Delphi. It was a waste, cuz I only used a few of the 10. I have also ordered Tints-All from Tints-All website. Comes in tubes, and in many colors. Some people use acrylic paints to the water that moistens your grout, but IMO - it's pretty pastel, and if you use too much, it changes the quality of the grout. My best suggestion is to order pigments on-line. There are several websites available. OK, OLCRAFTY - spill it - whatcha workin' on?

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I decided that I wanted "MINT" for this project after looking at the tints all colors, and no one has mint. I think every other color is available! Oh well. I can mix a brighter green with light grey grout I guess.

I'm going to double check locally today, tho typically we don't have anything out of the ordinary.
In case anyone is interested, Highlands woodworking has a nice chart of all the tints-all colors, link below, and reasonable prices as far as I can tell.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tints all chart

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Hey, thanks - that's a great website for the Tints-All. 8 oz. bottles - much better than those small tubes. Good price, indeed. I've marked it in my favorites.

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Thanks for the I better get my thoughts together so I can decide what colors I might need.

Slow.......still got that cemetery project floating in my head and as it is getting cooler, of I must be crazy!!!!!, that should say WHEN it gets cooler, I need to seriously get started! I better start soon as my head keeps coming up with more ideas and that seems to be getting me in trouble!

I have a friend that has advised me to get a glass grinder to help me with some of my cut-out designs. I am debating between a grinder or a glass saw. I know I probably need both but don't think I can really swing that much expense right now. Grinders are by far less expensive than a saw, but would a grinder benefit me? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I never used the grinder except to to grind down plate footers. It needs a new grinding wheel, but I don't want one bad enough to order. The saw w/benefit you more, as it grinds as it cuts. I haven't used mine in years. Only one I use is the tile wet saw. Now THAT's a tool I couldn't do w/o. Those crazy ironstone dishes I bought recently at Walmart - three sets - nippers won't budge them, so all w/have to be cut w/the tile saw. OC, I'm so anxious for you to start that cemetery project. Don't be afraid of it - we'll help you.

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For my first project I used a battery powered nail file to smooth out small pieces of mirror and it worked pretty well. I also have a dremel tool which I will try next time because there are several different sanding disks.

I'm going to check into the glass saw too. We have a tile saw so got that covered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Manicure set

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