Flashing a Renewal by Anderson Window

LoPayMay 13, 2013

We are committed to having Renewal by Anderson replacement windows installed. We are also going to have the house resided with LP Smartside. Our contractor is very well regarded, but I have a concern on how they explained the window installation. (Window and siding choices were based on what will look right for our 60s raised ranch.)

The old windows will be taken out to the studs, and the interior and exterior trim replaced. They will be doing the windows first, and then come back and do a tear off of the existing siding. When I asked about how the new windows will have the flashing installed, the sales rep and the cut away they had in the showroom showed me that they insert a fin over the existing opening and under the existing siding. The fin/flashing only appeared to only go about 3 or 4 inches below the opening sill.

Is this an acceptable installation and amount of flashing? If it isn't what should I ask them to do? The contractor is big enough where they have a windows division, a siding division, etc, so I don't expect the siding crew to do anything above and beyond with the windows while they are there.

Asking because one of those TV shows where money is no object, and the most esoteric details get discussed without commercial interruption showed a flashing that went at least a full foot around the window with some type of membrane behind that while the siding was off. Our house will be wrapped with Tyvek before the new siding is installed.

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Looks ok to me so far. Dont get to caught up with those home improvement shows on tv.

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I would prefer to have the siding cut back at those locations to just flash the flange at that point and then have the siding companies do their full removal.

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There will be another rep from the contractor coming out to do the "technical" measurements. I will ask him again and try to get more details. The sales consultant could be a bit removed from the installation crew, and lacking a full understanding of the process. The sales consultant played up the insulation, since we are in Wisconsin.

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A foot of flashing tape around the opening would be complete overkill.There are several steps that should be taken in proper flashing (back-caulking the nailing fin, closed cell foam, window flashing tape, metal drip cap/head flashing, etc) that will offer several steps of protection. I'd give the "technical" rep the opportunity to explain those issues to you.
On the Renewals, if you chose the woodgrain interior be sure to keep moisture off of it as it will be adversely affected if you don't, and that warranty is only 10 years. You really want to treat them as you would real wood windows IMO.

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