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toopiddogMay 29, 2010

Hello, I realize there is great expertise on these boards, and I spent about 5 hours reading past posts and looking up some information on other windows forums, but I haven't gotten much further than more confused.

I need to replace 4 windows that have small awning type window openings at the bottom. I get no circulation and I am tired of cleaning out all the bug carcasses stuffed up in opening every month. (I do not suggest awning windows to anyone who lives in woods, FYI.) I don't even know what kind they are, I'm sure they are cheap and anything would be an improvement.

It seems like the general advice it to do lots of research and hire a private installer. In reality I don't have the time with my job/kids to make this a second job (I did when I remodeling my kitchen) and get it done before the end of the year to qualify for tax credits. So if anyone wants to throw me a clue on how to proceed you would have me undying gratitude.

This is what a got so far:

-Forget Lowes & HD, crappy windows

-It seems like Anderson/Pella/etc. are expensive and yet people talk negatively about them

-Costco seems to have a program I could look into

-I'm not sure where to find an independent installer that isn't just a do everything guy, so how is that better than HD? I've called a few people and that's the impression I got.

-I'm assuming we aren't even mentioning the big window places that advertise on TV/flyers because they are the equivalent of con artists.

Really, any help for someone who is willing to buy "good enough", because that's all I'm going to manage, is appreciated.

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If you are just looking for an easy and quick solution I would contact either Simonton, Gorell, Milgard, Softlite or Okna through their websites and use the dealer locator feature. Since you don't want to be bothered with spending a lot of time doing research, just go by what the salesman recommends. Get a few references and check the BBB and/or Angies List. Get everything in writing including material and labor warranties, don't pay more than 33% upfront, check the work when it's finished to make sure you are happy with the install, then pay them the balance.

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On the other hand, I suggest Pella for two reasons. Their installers are qualified and fully screened and the product
(Architect Series) are comonly spec'd in by AIA on blueprints.

Pella & Anderson are always to be found on many chat sites only because they are probably the top two windows purchased and installed. Know what I mean.

Go to your Pella showroom where you live and see for yourself.

The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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