??? Covering styrofoam w/thinset and using as base?

cathyscacheJuly 26, 2009

Hey all, Question....I read somewhere a looong time ago (and now cannot find it) while surfing mosaics on-line I happened upon a site that talked about covering styrofoam w/thinset and then mosaicing on it.....Has anyone ever done this or heard of it?? I am asking because I have happened upon a large amount of the stuff. I took it because of this memory (that is fuzzy because it was so looooong ago) and now I can't seam so find the site or any other info. Anyway please let me know if anyone knows anything about styrofoam that might be helpful. I think I remember you did one coat of then-set and then another with mesh??? FUZZY..It seems like it works sort of like the wire way Slow does but (probably not)..You cut it in the shape you want then thinset and mosaic. Anyway that's whats left in my memory banks of my very scrambled thoughts..(I think my brain has a virus) LOL.....THANKS for any HELP anyone is able to give me!!! I know I have rambled and I'm sorry (very TIRED tonight) but I wanted to get this out there ASAP!!! If I don't have a use for it HUBBY will make it disappear to the dump. And if it's useful well I'll have to fight him..but need to know what I'm talking about and be believeable!!!!!! LOL!!!!! ...Cathy

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CATH: You sound like all of us when we get inspiration. I'm sitting outside on the patio w/one teensy candle lit, waiting for the promised rain. Took the day off from labor, but didn't get much rest cuz of so much company. CALAM is using the foam for her throne chair. amd CAIT used it for her bench. She has used it for other items. There are lots of people who use the foam for armatures for mosaics. It is my humble opinion that while it is a wonderful substrate for small projects, I don't think it is as strong as the wire mesh technique for larger projects. I'm sure that CALAM, and others that have used it, w/chime in on this. I've never used it. I do have a book by Sherry Warner Hunter, or one of those famous artists (right now my mind is muddled re my fountain and all that it entails), who gives workshops in this medium, but somehow, I'm just not interested in trying the technique for large projects. Glad you have found something that w/help you chase another rabbit. Go for it. HIDE it from DH.

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Yes, I am inspired by Cait's bench to do a Throne chair and am covering it with wire mesh and then mortaring it, then mosaicing it. I have also done small things like a mose that I carved out of stryofoam and a bunch of carrots that I carved too for another project. I have seen the styrofoam balls mosaiced too and they look great!

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Yes I have seen lots of pepole use it Here is a pic of some one on a yahoo group http://www.flickr.com/photos/24065392@N03/sets/72157605304292348/ isn't this turt. huge

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The wire mesh would give you strength for a large project, I have also seen fiberglass drywall tape used instead of wire, for strength and to give the thinset something to stick to.

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Thanks so much everyone for the info and pics. I do believe I'll be keeoing the foam. Hubby will not carry it off. May not be able to do anything with it til this neck is healed more but definetely will have a project in mand when it's better!!!!! Thanks again all!!!!!

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Good morning. Just looking thru my "favorites" and came to this site. It has some step by step information and lots of pictures of the mini loveseat being built. It's sure to inspire many. http://virginiamosaics.com/cvilleartsloveseat.html

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Artglass! Thanks for posting the inspiration!!! It has been posted here before and is STILL inspiring me!!! Mine will not be that fancy...but it will get done!!! I have been considering the water drain part of this, so water doesn't pool up on the seat...I hadn't thought about 2 coats of mesh...maybe I should. These bigger projects take so much time to get done...unless you are Slow!!!lol!!!hahaha!And I had better consider the bottom too...sheesh!

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Artglass thanks for that post. That maybe what I saw long time ago. Just couldn't find it...Wow nice loveseat. Looks pretty sturdy too!!

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Your welcome Cathy. Calamity, you are so right about how much time it can take to do some of these projects. I think I must have missed seeing a pic of your chair project. Would love to see where you are on it. I wish I could learn to just jump in and start gluing. I can't seem to get going until I see the finished project in my head. I did start sorting all my scrap glass today. I know just what the butterfly would look like if I were to buy more glass but have told myself the purpose of this project is to use up some of this scrap.I am so inspired by everyone here and their ideas.

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Artglass, check my thread about "a repair job"...

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