Remove Sash/jambliner from jeld-wen frame for existing window?

new68sMay 12, 2010

I purchased jeld-wen tradition plus windows for my home but then hurt my back. I think I can handle removing the jambliners and sashes to replace them, as that is all that I would really need to do to make the wife happy. The sash openings are the same. Does anyone know if this was possible? I called jeld-wen and was told that since I have no "jamb jacks" it wouldn't work out. Any truth to that? Thanks in advance!

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You did not mention in your question what the present window frames are.

The idea you have of installing just the jamb liners and sashes into your old frame is known as a sash-pack/kit. They trouble you will probably have is when you discover the new jamb liners are held in place by the stops of the new window frame. If your old window does not have the same kerfs as the new one you are stuck. The "jamb-jacks" reference might equal "retaining clips" that are sent with sash-packs that use an entirely different jamb liner profile.

It wouldn't hurt anything to try one, good luck.

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Right on awsdan. The new jamb liners do indeed have about 1/16" lips, at least on the inside edge. Have you taken one apart before? This lip does not seem to be holding the jambliner in though, as I can gently pry the lip out and the jambliner does not pop out. I think there are clips holding the jambliners in, and I have yet to determine how to release them. One suggestion was a tool for removing vinyl siding.

My current frames are MW.

I determined that the jamb jacks they referred to are basically screws, one in each side, that are used for squaring the frame. Now that I think of it, they forgot to send me the screws...

A bit of additional info, I talked to a guy in the Jeld-Wen factory and was told that it is absolutely possible to do this. I guess I should have asked how!

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Ok I got one out, and there are no clips, it was silicone adhesive holding the bottom of the jambliner in. I will definitely have to either create a channel on the front and back trim surfaces that the jambliner contacts or just trim the extra material off of the jambliner. Since I plan to install the frames at some point in the future, I think I'll channel the wood. I'm thinking I'll make a custom dremel attachment to do so, but I've never done anything like that before so there may be an easier way.

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Don't cut the lip from the vinyl liner if you might install back into correct frames later. You are on the right track trying to put a groove in the frame stop/trim to let this lip set into. My tool choice for this would be my Dremel oscillating multi-tool. $100 at Home Depot. You could definitely make that groove in soft wood with that type of tool. Use the half-round blade attachment.

Did you get one of the MW liners out of the frame? Not all companies attach jamb liners the same way. Some you might find screws or even some kind of clip. Good Luck.

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