Oooh, I am mad....

lovehadleyJuly 14, 2009

Last week, DH was holding the passenger side (rear) door open for the kids to climb into my suv and he noticed 4 dents above the top of the door.

He did not mention them to me until we were in the car and we got distracted and by the time we got home hours later, we had both forgotten about them.

Well, today I had to run something over to my dad's office and he walked me and DD out to our car as we were leaving. He walked around to DD's side to give her a kiss goodbye and he also saw the dents at the top.

I would never have noticed them, as they are above my eye level---I am 5'4". I mean, I am sure at some point I would have noticed them, but not anytime just during normal use of the car, kwim?

Anyway, I am 99% positive BM did them. I am so mad! That night she was drunk and enraged trying to attack me--I finally was able to lock her out of the house and I CLEARLY remember thinking---oh, geez, she is in the drivway alone with my car! I remember thinking she was probably going to key it or something. As a matter of fact, after she was taken away, I did go out to the car and check it over along the doors, hood, etc. I was mostly looking for key scratches. Anyway, I didn't look up top...

I suppose there is a chance she didn't do it...but everything in me says she did! DH (who is in the car business) said the dents are 100% deliberate, somebody took something and banged them in a row. He thinks BM did it that night, as well.

That was the first thing my dad said, too---when was the last time she was around your car?

I mean, I suppose it could have been vandals. BUT I DOUBT IT. WE live in a very nice area and my car is almost always parked in the garage. The only reason it wasn't that night when BM showed up was b/c I had several bags of potting soil in the back and was unloading them into the garden, and didn't feel like having to haul them from the garage to the yard.

I know to some it might sound like I am being paranoid---but I know this woman, I know how she is, and the fact that I was WORRIED about her damaging my car pretty much says all. I KNOW there were some gardening tools lying out in the flower beds along the front of the house and down the side--she could have totally used one of those that night on the car.

It just p*sses me off!

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i would think she did it if it would just happened. but that incident happened awhile ago, wouldn't someone notice it by now? wasn't like few months ago but DH and dad both just saw it? any chance she was around your car any time after that? does DH ever drive your car to pick up SS?

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FD, I don't know if someone would have noticed it or not. The incident was 2.5 months ago.

The only person that would notice it would be a taller person. I am 5'4" and the dents are way above my eye level. So I really would not have noticed---as it was, I had to climb up on the running board to really get a close look.

Dh is 5'10 and my dad is about the same height--so that is why it was at eye level for both of them more.

I don't know. My dad is never really around my car like that--I mean, as in walking us out to car and going around to DD's side.

And DH is never the one to help the kids in the car, either. That was why he noticed it---the car was in the driveway, and our lawn actually sits up a bit higher than the driveway and he was standing next to the car door and that was when he saw them.

I don't know.

She is around my car everytime she drops SS off but she is not allowed to pull into the drive or even step FOOT into our drive---she has to stay at the curb.

And no, DH never takes my car.

So if she did it, unless she snuck over some night, it was that particular night. And even if she DID sneak over at night---my car is almost ALWAYs in the garage.

I think if she did it it HAD to be that night.

Like I said, it could have been vandals but I just don't know when or where?

It doesn't much matter, anyway, even if she did do it--nothing I can do about it. :(

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that is the most frustrating part, nothing you can do about it....but you are right, i often do not notice anything on my car but when i visit my parents, my dad always notices things, like oh look you got a scratch, oh look it is a dent. I never see anything. so somebody could scratch my car two months ago and I would not see.

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It does sound like someone did it deliberately, but it could have happened in a parking lot or some such.

Here, it seems like there's a lot more malicious mischief in the summer months when "kids" (big ole giant teen-agers) are out of school & nobody knows what they're up to all day long.

I'm 5'4" too, & if I decided to damage your vehicle, I think I'd damage something easy for me to reach, scratch it with a key or cut the tires or something.

How tall is this woman?

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Honestly, I'd agree with Sylvia. But if it were damaged by vandals in a parking lot, it would be keyed or tires slashed or something. No ordinary vandal would bang on the top.

The tools in the yard... hmmmm... that points to her. Also, the anger of picking up something and bang bang banging... It sounds like a "crime of opportunity", she saw the tools, she saw the car, picked it up and banged. But then... did you hear anything that night?

I don't notice scratches, dents either. And I never "look up" at my truck either.

So sorry to hear that. It must really be bumming you out, both the damage, and the feelings behind it.

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