Adding window panes (reg, bay, sliding door)

jen4t25May 18, 2011

We just bought a house & renovating basically everything. This is my 1st house & we just decided right before buying it to get a fixer upper so I never looked into the things I like & have changed my mind 100 times. Well, we ordered a new bow window, regular windows & a sliding deck door. I ordered all to be without panes but now I'm thinking I'd prefer panes.

Can I get snap on panes for all of them? If so, do they make ones that are easily removed for when I want to clean the windows to make it easier?

I'm really kicking myself now :(

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Depends on what brand you bought. Some will offer snap in exterior grids, others will not.

Most snap ons will be for windows that are wood, so if you ordered vinyl windows, then I'd pull a 99% chance you wont find snap ons.

If they are vinyl and don't have snap ons, and you REALLY wanted to get grids, then you could ask the company about some SDL grids. They are basically "stick" on with double sided tape. You would probably have to just by sticks of it and do it your self and after the 1st one you would decided to keep them plain though :)

Good Luck

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GulfBreeze's advice is dead on.

If they are vinyl, SDLs are going to be your best option and the next option would be inquiring about remade sashes with grids.

If I were you, I would call the company right now and see where the order is in process. You never know and some companies put orders in that batch several days later.

It is worth a shot.

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Ok thank you! They were ordered by my father in law almost 2 weeks ago. Now that I know the terminology I can google things better ;)
I'll see how they look plain & if I don't like it then I'll order the stick on ones for just 1 window to see.
Thanks again!

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Did you ever hear about Check it out. It might be what you are looking for. I just found them on the web.

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