question about thinset

bevinpaJuly 5, 2008

I have never used thinset, can you mix it up in a small container and spread each piece or do you smear it on then set the pieces of glass on top of it. Do you have to work on it constantly. I have been using GE11 so I glue when I have the time. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks bevinpa

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Hey, BEV: Thinset is a wonderful adhesive. I usually mix up about a cup/cup and a half at a time - cake batter consistency - in a plastic container from the $store. According to the size of your pieces - my pieces are usually large and chunky, you can butter each piece, but if the pieces are small, just spread w/a knife, craft stick - I use an artist pallet knife - a small area - oh, probably two/three inches, and place your tess on it, being careful not to have it so thick it squishes higher than your tess. Hope this helps.

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At first I was afraid of the thinset, but now I like working with it. I even use it at work at my desk....I just mix up a little bit in a styrofoam coffee cup and keep a damp rag and another cup of water near by. I just butter each piece with a kraft stick. I am almost ready to do a bigger project and spread it on like SLOW says. Remember, a little goes a loooooong way. Good luck!

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I remember Ronnie said if you use a ziplock like a pastry bag it will last longer for ya, she just knocks the dried tip away

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I've wanted to ask this for YEARS now but wasn't brave enough: please, what is thinset? I use a cement adhesive which is fine cement powder, and I mix it with Davelastic and water. Is thinset similar? Having now got the courage to ask about something so many people are obviously very familiar with, I am keen to hear your answers.
Thanks, Maddy58

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Thinset is mortar mix. Not concrete mix with aggregate, but the concrete only. You can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes in the tile flooring section, it will say thinset on the bag..This is for setting brick or tile. I use it to set my tiles and usually as a grout also as do others on this forum.

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Thankyou, Flagtruck. It sounds as if thinset is similar to what I use since it is safe to use with water eg bird baths. We do not have the stores you mention in the land of Oz. Wish manufacturers could settle on common names throughout the English speaking world but perhaps that would be just too boring.

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Thanks so much gals you always come through. I'm going to attempt a cement garden bench and wanted to try thinset. Will take pics probably in a year lol. I just love this board, you gals always answer the questions right away. Thanks again bevinpa

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