this is how it happened....

aka_strawberrygoatJuly 10, 2010


it was a gift of luck, to have found this couple, through ads, that were selling their history of art, through mosaic.

I had taken that one drawing that you said to frame, with me..

the woman told me that even though I didn't have a long time with a background in mosaic, it was the design that came through and that I could use that, to develop any piece in stained glass.

having that lady and her husband actually come up with the idea that I can have access to the remaining supplies, as funds are available to me, is something only a conventional loan could provide me.

wow, and they're going to keep it stored, for when I can make a trip to their place...about a 45 minute drive, in the country..a distance I would take, just to go to the beach, to gather sea glass and shells anyway.

using the pen and ink, for the base

working with colors, to develop a plan

and with the glass, now I can go beyond a 9"x11" piece of paper.

I know it's going to be rather raw in the beginning, without being able to cut curves like I'd like but still, I'll have a guide, with the drawings.

I'm gathering reds and blues for this one drawing I did in class on Wednesday...

it started out as they all do...just a drawing and by the time 2 and a half hours had it is....

I just can't decide which of 4 ways to hang it, once done :)

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Any way you hang it it's beautiful. You can't go wrong on this, girlie. Have you considered making a black/white copy, laying it under the glass and go from there? You could even use the TG glass over a color copy, if you don't want to destroy the original. All you need to cut soft curves is a wheeled nipper to nip away. Your pieces don't have to be large to achieve the effect - use the keystone method to go around the curves - cutting strips of the width of your ribbons of color, and then nipping them into the desired width, and keystone them. Google keystoning in mosaic.

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I like it in the 2nd and 3rd pics the best!!! Just go for it...get glueing!!! To see how artistic you are, shows me I'm in for a treat when you get obsessed with mosaicing!!!!heh heh! Maybe you need to come see me and I'll get you going!!!!ha!

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well Jane...I was going to be going to Phoenix soon, cuz a good painting friend is failing.
it appears she isn't going to be here much longer and when asked if she wanted me to fly down,she shook her head no.
she's on a trach, with ventilator, feeding tube in the stomach, platelets are dropping rapidly and they gave her yet two more units of blood this afternoon.
she sleeps most of the time...
her daughter feels she's going to slip away very soon now.

if she does decline and dies, I'm going to really want to leave town and if you can handle me up there for a bit...I'd LOVE...LOVE....LOVE to come up to your place.

I've wanted to for so long now anyway,.....

I need an 'obsession-session'

let's keep close on this plan, if you don't mind~~~

the first position of the drawing, I see a lady, with baby wrapped in cloth..
the second one, I see a feather
3rd..well, well both 3rd and 4th...can't define what I

guess I better choose a window that's equally square, so it can go any way, at any time.

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You might want to try a hand-held tool called ''Oil Hand Cutter,'' Toyo brand. You can cut some nice curves with it. I bought mine at a stained glass shop. The fused glass instructor where I took a class told us that you don't have to keep oil in the tool; just use it without oil, so I started doing that and it works fine.

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thank you...gotta be checking that out...
there are so many nice sized pieces, that it should be
a good thing to convert to.

I may also be adding a whole lot more color into it, rather than the straight forward 3 main colors.

heck, by the time I start the adhesive, I may have a modified drawing,

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Nice bunch of glass you have there! I have lots of ways to cut glass, so when you come up, we can explore those options and get you going. I am sorry to hear about your friend, may God be with her. I was emailing a friend about what I have been up to and she said I sounded manic!!!lol! I just feel so good!!, getting healthy again and getting caught up with all the things I've wanted to do, that I'm givin' er, and can't believe how getting hollowed out like a pumpkin/hysterectomy!lol!, has been so good for me, wish I had done this yrs ago!!! Cindy/Klinger and I want to get Squirrelly Canadian over here too, for a visit this summer!!!(I think she's hangin' out on a Flicker forum)

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