Fleetwood 3070 or Fleetwood 3000?

dmlinparadiseMay 9, 2011

Has anyone made a choice between these 2 sliders? If you have, which did you choose and why ? Thank you

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When you say 3070 you probably mean the 3070 EX. Fleetwood makes their 3070 door in both the EX and the CR configuration. The EX is not thermally broken, the CR is.

The 3000 door is essentially the Glacier 3300 door but not thermally broken. So, again, as with the 3070, we have a non thermal door (3000) and a thermally broken (3300) Everything else about those two doors are identical.

Put another way, the Norwood 3000 and Glacier 3300 are the same and the Norwood 3070 EX and CR are the same.

Your particular climate and energy codes will probably dictate whether or not you require a thermal or non thermal door.

But what you want to know is about the difference between the 3070 and the 3000.

The main difference is the 3000 and 3300 door are only offered in a one track system. So, imagine a simple two panel sliding door where one panel slides inside the other.

If you want a multi-panel door where numerous panels slide in the same direction, you must go with the 3070.

Another difference is the 3070 has 3" diameter wheels, but the 3300 and 3000 only have 2". The 3070 will roll a little easier, which matters when working with huge doors, as Fleetwood is capable of building 14' tall.

Another difference is the 3000 and 3300 have a 2" back dam on the threshold. The 3070 has a few more options for a very slim threshold. The 2" is the only option on the other doors series.

Lastly, the 3000 and 3300 comes standard with a screen. The 3070 does not.

How do I know all this? I sell them. Either is a fabulous door, which one to buy really depends upon your climate and your design. If your architect has drawn up a multi-panel stacking door or something going into a pocket, you have to get the 3070.

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