'Feature window' in tiny bathroom - suggestions?

marysdottirMay 4, 2010

We are finally getting around to replacing the last of the original windows in our 1960's rancher. This is a bathroom window and it is currently a small 22.5" X 21.5" obscured glass divided top and bottom. The bottom is fixed and the top is like a casement but opens up and out. It sits above the bathub/shower and is visible from the doorway.

My DH is planning on tiling the tub/shower walls and I know this will be my only opportunity to change the size and shape of the window. Once that tile is up, he wont agree to tearing it down for anything! So I have to get this right. We are thinking that vinyl inside and out is a good idea because it will be wet.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for a style and brand of window that might make a great focal point in the wall of a small (5' X 7') bathroom?

The window looks out over a private backyard but it is ground level so will need some window coverings (I was thinking faux wood blinds??) for privacy. I don't want the glass totally obscured as my yard is pretty. I'd like the window to open. We live in a fairly safe neighbourhood but security is also something of a concern and we like to leave the bathroom window open now all summer.

We have discussed having two or three small casements with bars between the panes to match the rest of the house. We have also considered a hexagon about 3.5' across if we can find one that opens (maybe hopper style?). We have diamond shapes set into some of our crown and door moldings so we have even discussed a diamond (or even a square turned on edge) window in that wall but how would it open? Is there even such a thing? I've looked at various web sites and though most manufacturers say they can make anything, price will be an issue, so having a custom window is probably out of the question.

I'll post this in the Bathrooms Forum, too, but thought people here seem to be the window experts so ....

Any suggestions appreciated.

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