Chandelier Assembly and Installation

B_M_GJanuary 23, 2011

I recently purchased a Crystorama chandelier. To my surprise when I pulled it out of the box, it was unassembled. So I had to assemble it myself, including connecting the arm wiring to the main fixture wiring when putting the chandelier together. And I believe I have done this part correctly. I am at the step where I have to connect the fixture wiring to the house wiring. However, I don't see any ground wire coming from the chandelier. Amongst the parts I got with the chandelier, was a long copper looking wire with an eyelet on one end. This wire was not attached to the chandelier. I am now wondering whether this may be the ground wire for the chandelier, but I am unsure as to what location I would attach it to on the chandelier. Perhaps I need to attach the eyelet end of the wire to some location on the chandelier and the other end to the ground screw on the mounting strap. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated!

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That long copper wire is the ground wire. One end should be connected to the chandelier, inside the splice housing on the chandelier and, the other end to the ground in the junction box. If the chandelier is hung by a chain, weave the ground wire through along with the power wires.

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Someone even cheaper than Chinese labor has been found.

The purchaser.

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Someone even cheaper than Chinese labor has been found.

The purchaser.

D'OH! "bah-DUM-TSSSss!" (*rimshot*)

Yeah, that's pretty bad... hope it wasn't a rivet that let go, though easily remedied.

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