Newbie's table picture

jmck_ncJuly 14, 2008

Well, I posted the picture of my table top in the old thread (newbie needs help) and probably should have started a new one. Tried to change the title, but that didn't work. Hope someone will look back at that thread and comment...sorry to be such a forum dummy. Thanks for your patience and help.


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LOL!! Been there, done that!! I think nealry all of us have at one time or another! The trick is to go into the "Subject of Posting" box above the "Message" box where you will type your comment......change the title slightly like I did here and there you go! It'll post for you...


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Thanks Pat...that's what I did but it didn't work for me. Computers hate me...really. My husband (geek) says that I mus t have weird electrical current in my body. I'll try again.

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yay! it worked!

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