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jabreApril 18, 2013

I have done some remodelling where I had installed Jeld Wen Al Clad wood windows that I had purchased from the local HD. I've had these for about 3 years with no issues.

Now, I'm getting ready to start a major remodel where I'll need a lot of new windows (30). As I already have about $6K invested in the recent Jeld Wen Bronze colored doors and windows I don't want to throw out the recent to bring in all new.

I'm starting to get nervous about the Jeld Wen from some of the comments here: lots of 'junk', 'I wouldn't', 'mid-range', etc in reasons. But, as I've found with window comments - no specifics on why, how they're not fit for use.

I checked out Marvin Ultimate. They look nice enough and will match the exterior color of the Jeld Wen well. But, they're 30% more than the Jeld Wen.

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives in central TX? Again, I want bronze exterior - so Anderson doesn't seem to be an option.

If the suggestion is to go with Marvin - can you quantify the value relative to the cost? Please, don't say 'they're just better.' If they really are - tell me exactly in what way they are superior.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Going by performance date there will not be alot of difference.The biggest difference will be in the roll formed cladding vs extruded exterior cladding, the different jambliners systems used and of course the overall looks and build quality.I would suggest looking at the windows more closely, pull out the sashes, look at the exterior cladding, the weather stripping, the locks ect.. I have seen bad thing happen to both windows from rot, but this is probally more prevalent in MN due to the more extreme changes in weather and condensation issues. Weather or not it is worth a 30% upcharge is a tough call and maybe a roll of the dice. The Andersen E series,Kolbe, Pella, Peachtree would be available with that exterior color as well as many others . You never did say what model of Jeld-Wens you have put in your house.

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toodinmn - thanks for the comment.

I believe it is a 'Tradition Plus' window. That is what is listed on the brochure. But, the invoice only lists Aluminum Clad Exterior with AuraLast Wood.

I'll take a closer look at the construction. But, as I don't have a trained eye it will be tough to distinguish differences that can lead to durabiliity issues.

I would absolutely pay an extra 30% if it gauranteed a trouble-free, long lifetime. But, as you describe, I've seen some negative comments on both. It just seems that there are more commentors that have a real negative impression of Jeld-Wen. It's tough to know if that is due to the window or the competition from big box stores. My preference is always to buy from a local merchant. But, once you get above about 15% price difference I need more justification to do so other than just buying local.

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Campbell Window and Door

Marvin is tried and true. JUST GET THEM INSTALLED PROPERLY.
Rot is due to improper installation and maintenance.
Jeld -Wen custom is close to Marvin. Any thing from HD will be a builder series lower end. Being a remodel they are going to be custom sizes most likely. If you can get standard sizes in the holes both products will be cheaper. Operable, arches, grids- add a lot to prices. Go simple , high quality. Stained from the factory if you give them your color. That's a saver unless you have a painter who is your best friend.! Pine is pine so stain should match close enough. Good luck.

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Rot can be from improper installation a person in the industry ould know it far from the onyl reason.
One would only have to look at the Marvin vs PPG lawsuit or Pella's current lawsuit.Far North windows were made right here in Minneapolis by Scherer Brothers, they went out of business due to rotting windows. Far North is long gone but Scherer bros will still fix them for a cost. Once the day wood is cut its days are limited. We are not going to see many 100 year old windows that were built from the 70's on especially with rules becoming more strict on preservitives.
Staining from the factory is nice but it is usually around $90 and can get quite expensive with alot of windows.

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The Jeld-Wen Siteline and Traditional plus are both available from Menards here in MN. The Siteline has extruded aluminum on the exterior of the sash vs the rolled form aluminum on the Tradition Plus which is a bit nicer. The Siteline seems built a slightly better perhaps.

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Just a response to toddinmn's first comment...wood preservatives have greatly improved since the 90s and the early 00s. Will the wood last 100 years? I don't think anyone knows for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

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100 yrs!? Lol.... I' lll give you $100 if if lasts 20. Obviously the manufactures won't take that bet, or they would offer something better than a 10 yr warranty on rot.

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I have seen many wood windows in very good shape from the 80's and 90's.

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There are many windows from that era still performing well, and many long since rotted out and replaced. As long as there is not a major design flaw that directs moisture into the wood (which there have been instances of), wood windows will last as long as you choose. They just need attention, in the form of wiping off any condensation regularly, refinishing periodically, etc. The species and quality of the wood, preservatives, etc play some role, but ultimately maintenance is the #1 determining factor in my experience.

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Karate guy, jeld-wens warranty for Auralast wood is 20 years so they have risen to the challenge. That being said, I am a Marvin girl and I can tell you that homeowner maint is to blame for the majority of complaints across manufacturing lines. I have homeowners that have not sealed their units in 15+ years and blame the window.

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Yeah the Auralast will last 20 yrs and the rest of the window will fall apart.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Hilarious millworkman.

If you can learn how to do this, you should be fine.

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Did you copy that photo from a "repair or replace" thread? lol...

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Don't get him fired up again.

XOldtime is going to come back with a vengeance.

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