King of Kings

texaswildJuly 4, 2008

Made another cross cuz I miss the one I sold. The lettering is under a chunk of thick glass I picked off the street in P.V. Also the red tiles down the center are from PV. The little box in top left is 3-D and has a mirror inside - note the nails on top - what a PITA to grout. ANNIE - can you see the little cross you brought me when you attended the workshop - you can't tell I broke it. I worked so hard on this - grouting for hrs this afternoon - gonna quit making 3-D stuff - and am too tired to read the forum tonight. See y'all tomorrow morn.


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Your work is exquisite! (hope I spelled that right!)

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Wow, what cool stuff in there, but then you always do have great items in your pieces!!

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That crown at the top is simply stunning, as is the whole piece. Just marvellous slow!

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thats a vibrant beauty! I LOVE IT!

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King of COOL!! I just stared and admired this and am gonna go back and look so more! It's so amazing how you put so many different things together and it all looks perfect!
Are you going to keep this one?

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So SLOW style! What are the horizontal cross pieces made from?

You know, I have such a longing to come back to Texarkana and see you again! One of these days...

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Y'all are so nice to me. Thank you for your support. CINDI: I made it for myself, but the wonder in me says "send a picture to my seller when I mail the switchplates to see if she thinks it'd sell". I love making crosses, and wasn't so happy w/this one, so hmmmmm - I could make another one and make it better. LADY - well, get yourself on down here for a leisurely visit - good grief, girl - it's not that far. Horizontal pieces are would you believe??? If you've seen those little metal sun plaques at the $ store??? I cut the rays off and used them. The red gems between the red tiles are parts of a HobLob Christmas ornament, as well as the round glass thingy w/my initials (too small to show in pic) glued on and the crown at the top. HobLob is already putting out Christmas stuff again, and I need to restock. Thanks y'all.

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I saw this yesterday before she grouted it and it was a knockout then. Now it is really done right. I love it! I could hardly keep my hands off it when I saw it.
Ronnie, you are always welcome here. Slow and I would both love it if you and Mary would come down for a visit now that Berry season is over.
I think Slow and Gypsy are related, they both have the ability to crowd all these little neat things into a piece
I love it is beyond words.
Thanks for the visit and coffee yesterday. Enjoyed being able to just visit.

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What a work of art and what incredible talent you have. I love how you take random things that everyone overlooks and you find a place for it in your work. I just love the cross.

I have a question about one part of your design. In the upper left corner is an outline of a square in red glass. Are those nails above that square? That's what it looks like. Very creative work.


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Well how sweet, y'all. FLAG - I, too, enjoyed our visit. We don't take enough time for that. Forgot, in my response to LADY on the arm of the cross. The center section is an antique flea mkt. belt buckle. SEREN - the outline is actually a little box, covered in red mirror on top, and yes, they are nails I put into the top of the box w/mirror inside. Nails? Cross - nails. Thanks again, y'all.

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Slow, I find it hard to believe you can get better from perfect, but you just keep getting better and better!! This piece is fabulous, Right out of Laura Mika with a Slow design.

I LOVe it, simply fantastic. Slow, ir looks like turquoise pieces throughout, what are they??

This is wonderful, you simply CANNOT sell this

You go Slow...

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Don't you try to make my head bigger, MER! I was whining to my DD Suzie yesterday, telling her how unhappy w/it I was, and when she saw it today, she verbally spanked me. Said I had her worried that maybe this one time I had screwed up royally. She spanked me all afternoon about how much she loves it and what was I thinking about it being a failure! OOOps. The turquoise are large irregular glass globs from Michael's a couple yrs. ago - had them in several colors - really large ones. A few of them are stones from the $store. Suzie told me not to sell it either, so guess I'll keep it.

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Oh SLOW!!! I love ALL the crosses and shrines! And even had a look at the bathroom again!!! Eye Candy and Inspiration!!! I'm having such a dry spell...sheesh!

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ShaZAMMMMMM! Love this Slow.............BAM BAM BAM....guess you're not sleeping or eating can really knock this stuff out and always looks AWESOME! *sigh" Love all the goodies you squeezed fun to look at!!!!!

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if ever there was a place on the internet, to just get lost in inspiration...your collection of art works are the ones to look for.
I have your album 'clipped', so I can just click it on, if ever I want to find color, composition and a boost of energy.
I have no clue how you intuitively put them all together and wish like crazy that I could even think up something like them, much less complete a project.
no matter how critical you are of just gotta know that it's a well known thing that we are most critical of ourselves and let it go at that, cuz your work is just one of a kind and really is astounding in the world of mosaic!...don't care how many artists there are, that do the same type of art..yours would always be identifiable to those of us who are lucky enough to see it first hand.

I haven't been mosaicing for ages now cuz I'm still doing my china painting...but I still love, love, love to come in here and be inspired!

Becky...pacific northwest

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I don't quite know how to respond to y'all cuz it's very humbling to read your responses, especially yours, SEA. It made tears. I just wrote a friend this morning that I needed a shot of energy and enthusiasm. The Lord works in mysterious ways - He heard me and sent your responses. I sincerely thank y'all for your uplifting remarks.

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Slowmedown...your album is breathtaking! Never thought of
using so many elements, till I saw your work. Beautiful
does not begin to explain it.

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Slow, first of all, I love that you told us about the pieces from PV, but mostly I learn so much from looking at each piece you do. This cross is especially wonderful. The metal pieces are stunning and the layout is fabulous. It's just very special. I can keep myself busy for hours looking at your and Flag's pictures, and I'm taking notes. (smile)

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awesome, very unique! i'm sure glad i popped back in here, hadn't been to the GW in awhile, i sure have been missing some good stuff.

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Well, thank y'all again. Y'all make me bow my head in thanks.

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You are so inspiring. This piece expresses such joy and peace at the same time. Love the mix of tesserae.

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Yes Mam your are inspiring,so sorry I missed commenting on this I thought I did when I saw it.It is amazing as is all your pieces,put's me to shame I'm so dull next to you,you art sparkles as do you .I hope if I come back someday it's like a SLOW!!!!!Really I mean it you are so unique and feel humbled again for it's the truth!!

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