mushrooms, palm tree WIP

katishookedJuly 19, 2008

Here are 2 new mushrooms and a palm tree stone I'm doing for my son and DIL.

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Cute mushrooms. Where did you get the palm tree? Haven't seen that form before. What kind of stem w/you use for that one? Looks interesting.

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Slow the creative people here have taught me well. The palm is thinset poured into a plastic palm tree party tray I found at GW. I try to remember when shopping, think outside the norm. I'm going to do the stem and coconuts in Van Gogh browns. The leaves in green glass tiles. I'm thinking to grout all in black. What do you think?


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Way to go - my question on the stem should have read "w/you put the same kind of stems on as in the mushrooms? I LOVE black grout - seldom go wrong w/it.

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What a clever idea! I'll never look at those cheesy plastic party trays the same way fact, I better stop at GW on my way to work this afternoon!
Does the thinset dry hard and then you unmold it and then glue on top of it? Or just pour in the thinset and then start sticking on the tess? Did you put anything in the middle (i.e. pour some wire mesh or whatever and then more thinset) for reinforcment?
Sorry for all the ?'s, but I think this is just too cool!
And your mushrooms are just the cutest!

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Slow are you talking about the trunk og palm tree? If so it will be done in Van Gogh. Cindiloo I just put vaseline on tray and poured in thinset. I'm not a master at this so am hoping it will stay together. Left it in mold for a week. It set real hard. It sits on the flat side and I'm mosaicing the curvy side. Gluing hasn't been too bad yet. The test will come with the grouting. It may be a bear to do. Thanks for comments on mushrooms. I have a co-worker that wants some, so am trying to get a few different ones done so she will have a good choice.


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Kathy, wow a great idea. can't wait to see how it turns out. I have several plastic party trays.. hmmm. got me thinking.

love those mushrooms

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Gosh, even I could find some party trays! I love this idea! Thanks for the post to show us and for telling us what you're doing here. It'll be fun to see it finished and to get a report on how it held up to grouting.

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pretty mushooms. Great idea for the palm!!

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i like your shrooms and the party tray idea is interesting, ya'll come up with some good ideas.

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