Our latest Reupholstery Project.

cliff_and_joannAugust 17, 2012

About a year ago our fabric guys (where we buy our fabric)

showed me hides that they scored from Mercedes Benz...

Well, this has been on my mind for an entire year...

I finally talked the head guy around here into doing my

'command station chair' in leather. I wanted the seat to be a hard seat, no cushion...another challenge.

We bought two hides and dove in head first. It's difficult re-upholstering

in leather, it's not forgiving like fabric and tough to get

smooth without wrinkles...

It's finally done with a matching foot stool...

Here's my Grandpuppy giving it a test drive.

This is when just the chair was almost completed...

This is after he blind stitched the two pleats in the seat.

I love the new hard seat, instead of a cushioned seat.

sweet little footstool

Command Central... :)

holy cow Grandma, it smells like a new car!

It sure brightened up my corner.This is the second chair he did in leather, if you remember his Grandpa's little

antique chair...

This sweet little chair is in the same room...

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Absolutely stunning!! I love the way you did the nail heads along the arm edge.

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Oh, so jealous at all the talent here!!!

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Pea green with envy here!

I second the sentiments of cat_mom.

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I too call it absolutely stunning! (Although grandpuppy's claws kinda make me nervous ... thinking of my leather sofa and chair that the cats have practically carved their initials into by jumping up and down.)

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Thank you Nanny2,catmom, Irish2, and Sunny Cottage...

Don't be nervous Sunny Cottage, this is really the hides
they use in the mercedes car seats, It's very thick, thus hard to work with...Plus we bought two huge hides (52sq each)
We have enough to do the chair again. :)

Nanny2, thanks for reminding me about the nail heads...
they go around the back as well.

I was planning on putting nails heads on the chair bottom
-- under the welt and on the footstool as well--under the welt. Then changed my mind and decided on leaving it plain...
Any thoughts on this?
The arms with just the welt before the nail heads were applied.

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Oooh, soft, luxurious, leather...it's like butta! Amazing, outstanding job Joann! Gorgeous!!!

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Wow...you guys simply keep on with your amazingly creative and beautiful projects. c

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Beautiful leather and beautiful job.

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Wow, that's gorgeous!!

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I think it looks perfect as it is, more nail heads might be too much, bordering on the extreme. And the footstool also looks classy just as it is, it does not need further embellishment, IMHO. Beautiful work you�ve done!

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What gawgeous leatha!!!! (Boston here) You did a remarkable job.

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I heart nail heads. Your chair looks absolutely amazing, and it inspired my to post pictures of my nail head project that I just picked up today.

And I love the grand-dog!!!

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Thank you stinky gardner, Trailrunner,Fun2behere,gsciencechick,nanny2a,yayagal,
maddielee,and arlosmom...

Arlosmom, yes, do post pics of your nailhead project.

Yaya gal, do you have a Boston? Both my sons have Bostons
This one is Max, he's the Father to my other sons Boston
named Dante. They are both so smart.
We've always had Beagles, they're stubborn, but not as smart as Bostons.

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WOWEEEE! You are amazing! Fabulous work. You should be so PROUD!!!

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Wonderful! I'm amazed at how talented you two are. Love both chairs.

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Using a worn-out term for your work - beautiful! I am amazed at your talents and I love the fact that you always add a small footstool be each chair!

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Thank you aktillery, luckygal, and arapaho.

arapaho, since you mention the small footstool... :)

Here's another eyedeer I got just this morning
looking through the internet for high footstools
that are chair cushion height.
Since we have a lot of leather left over, I said to the head
guy,"how about making another high footstool so that I can
stretch my legs out straight across"...

A little while later he comes up from the workshop
with our antique Steinway piano bench. The paint is half
peeling off and under the black paint is mahogany.

The wheels turn and it is adjustable from 17" to 21"
high...(my chair is 18" high) This is a very old chair
the tufts are stuffed with horsehair and the legs unscrew
with wood screws. The two round turning wheels are wood as well...all the underneath mechanism is cast iron.
If we do it, I want puffy tufts like our footstool, this has flat tufts. After I strip the wood, I plan on matching
it with the legs on the chair.

What do you all think of it re-done in cream leather to match the chair?

I could use both in the room...when I want a high lift
(at night) I can use it and when it's not in use I could just keep in in front of the fp...

What do you think?

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This is the ottoman I was looking at this morning...(not to buy, but to make it)
It's 17 1/2" high and 16" x 20"... It's from Sundance and it's $895.00

The Steinway bench adjusts from 17" to 21" high and by chance -- it's
also 16 x 20 ...and we can make one a tad more unique than the Sundance one.
Please give me your opinions.

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Am I the only one who noticed the Abercrombie bag in the corner??? Mixed emotions on the old footstool. I would hate to see it lose too much of the patina but, as always, great work in what you have done so far. I am such a fan.

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Thanks lynn r...
This old piano bench is from Carganie Hall. The benches made for Carnagie Hall were painted black.
However, under
the black paint is beautiful mahogany.

I am following this one on Ebay with interest. I emailed
the seller cause he has the size wrong. I suggested he
remeasure the top as it looks to me to be more like
16-17" x 20-21" ...he emailed me back and said," wow, you have a good eye it is 17 x 21... LOL..

I think I have enough of the brown leather from the little chair to do it in brown? ...
or should I stick with the cream leather? Maybe after it's refinished I'll see which
leather looks the best.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay Bench

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