split kitchen receptacles still up to code?

w0lley32January 18, 2009

Hi! I was ready to add an additional outlet on my kitchen coutertop, when I read pjb999's post where you seem to indicate that newer code doesn't allow split 15A receptacles any more, even in Canada. Is that the case?

Also, what is the code requirement about the bathroom receptacle? Thanks.

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In Canada the newest code requirement for the kitchen counter receptacles are:

Inside the GFCI zone, which is everything inside 1.5m from the sink, only 2 wire 20A T-slot receptacles, GFCI protected by a breaker or in the first receptacle. Only 2 receptacles per circuit.

Outside of the GFCI zone but again for countertops, only 3 wire 15A split receptacles with no GFCI protection. Gone is the requirement for adjacent receptacles to be on different circuits.

OK, now bathrooms: There must be at least 1 duplex receptacle within 1m of one of the wash basins. It must also be located at least 1m horizontally away from a bathtub or shower if possible. If not possible, it may not be closer than 0.5m from the tub or shower. This is only permitted in very small bathrooms. It must also be either a GFCI receptacle or protected by a GFCI breaker. No special circuit is required for the bathroom receptacle. It may be powered by a nearby lighting circuit.

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Thank you very much for your quick and detailed response.

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Kitchen code is not exactly as described above, at least not in Ontario.
Kitchen counter receptacles can be either 20 amp non split or 15 amp split. The 15 amp split is not banned.
GFCI protection can be either a 20 amp T slot GFCI or 15 double pole GFCI breaker.
Outside the GFCI zone you can still use 20amp T slot receptacles.
In Ontario it is 1 meter from sink not 1.5 meters for GFCI.

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So can I wire an additional split receptacle off of an existing 15 amp split out side the GFCI zone, and how do I wire it? Do I pigtail the red , white and black off the first receptacle?

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