Which color for fireplace return?

cottonpennyAugust 11, 2012

Unfortunately, my fireplace didn't get stone on the sides.

I'm going to paint the sides dark grey. Or rather have the painters do it.

Which is the best color? From left to right, BM Steel wool, Anchor Gray, and Trout Gray. The rest of the room is Gray Owl.

Area in question:

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what color are the shelves on the side?

from a distance, I like the middle color. But it will depend on what the cabinets are I think

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Sorry, I don't think I would do that. It is only going to highlight the fact that the sides are different and don't have stone. The contrast of the cabinets and the other walls will only make it more noticeable, like a big box stuck onto the wall.

Instead, I would see about adding a single vertical row of some kind of trim stone on the sides, that would make the sides of the fireplace stone look finished. Then leave the side walls the color of the room.

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Bee - the cabinets will be stained to match my walnut furniture. So dark brown, I guess.

Les - I can't quite picture what you mean by trim stone. It's probably not an option at this point, though.

On the bright side, I was over at the house today and the sides are not really seen from most of the normal places you sit in the room. Only when you walk over pretty close to the built ins can you see the sides.

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I think Les was saying to "wrap" the stone around the edges????

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Though I'd love to do that, it's just not possible right now. So I'm just going to paint it the best color and live with it for a little bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: other thread

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I like the darkest gray, but it has a blue undertone on my monitor. I actually like the thought of the dark gray on the sides contrasting with the wall color and/or shelving.

Are you dead set on not adding a mantel? :) You can still have a modern feel to the room. If you're going to be using the FP often, the mantel will really come in handy, and also for decorating purposes.

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The TV is going on the fireplace, so I wouldn't be able to put anything on the mantel without blocking the TV...

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I've got a real winner of a mantle I can send to you. I'm sure it was featured in the Flintstones movie. I'll mail it when we tear down ours.....

I know you really want it.

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Bee - ha! Now you have to post a pic of the ugly fireplace and mantel. I totally want to see.

BTW, I stole your idea for using Gray Owl. Completely stole it - never even considered using it til you posted you were. Sorry.

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I'd choose the one on the far right - it's a little less blue, and I think dark enough. I understand les's point, but I think once the cabinets have their dark stain, the saturation will work fine.

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Cottonpenny, what I was trying to say was to add one row of stone running vertically on each side that would hide the front where the stone is applied to the fireplace front - to give it a more finished look and heft, without having to apply stone to the sides all the way.

I have one other thought, and that would be to apply wood to the sides, stained to match the cabinetry.

But if painting is the only choice right now, I would go with the color on the left. In your last pix that you posted, where we can see the swatches and a bit of the wall color, I think it works the best. The middle one is too blue, and I think the one on the right is going to be too dark, fighting with the dark cabinetry.

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You might consider going a couple of shades darker. Think about the shadows of the stones... and the recessed areas between the stones. Put your samples on the return wall and take another photo.

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I think you should wait till your cabinets are finished... as it is now, I would probably choose the middle, darker color.

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This may be because of my monitor, but all three chips are reading too blue. Can you find something with the intensity of the middle gray, but with less blue in it?

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I would just keep it the color of the wall. I think this is one of those things that bother you now and you are focused on it.
Honestly, I don't think anyone walking into this beautiful room will question why the stone didn't wrap around.

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or Gray

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I would not paint the sides a different color. Leave them for now, and stop fretting over this. I don't think it will be so noticeable once you get the cabinets finished and the stuff put up.

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I'm in the camp of leaving it alone for now. If you were going to do it, when you posted the colors I thought Trout Gray might be best. But with the photoshop it looks way too dark. I think, as has been mentioned, you may actually end up drawing attention to it, which is not what you intend to do. Gray Owl, which you said you are using in the rest of the room, may be your best bet. I'd sit with it for a while. Get the built-ins - which are lovely - stained, paint the room, and you can paint the sides later if you decide they need to be painted.

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i thought this image of a room by candice olson might cheer you up - if it is good enough for her, it is good enough for me! conclusion.

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I would leave the fireplace sides exactly as they are. I think design_wotcha's photo above demonstrates beautifully that it's going to look just fine once the rest of the room comes together. Painting the sides a different color is only going to draw attention to them, IMO.

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