Sunrise Essentials window replacement questions

JonKarolApril 29, 2014

I received a call from a home energy company in the area (Upstate NY). The owner had come to my house last year and tried to sell me on Sunrise Windows. He quoted me a price of $3,000 for two double hung windows, two glider windows and one picture window replacement (low E, argon gas). It was a take-it-or-leave-it that day price, and I had a lot of running around to do and wasn't about to make a split-second decision. I left him a message that evening and never heard back, and I didn't care for his overall arrogance anyway. Fast forward to last week when a woman at the company called and said they now have a more economical option that's just as good.

Today's salesman (much nicer guy) told me they can honor last year's price of $3,000, now at no-interest financing, for four double hung (no gliders) and one picture window in the Sunrise Essentials line instead of the regular Sunrise ones the owner showed me last year, or $425/window if I forgo the interest-free option. He explained that the price of windows went up a lot in the past year. That didn't make sense to me but I don't know much about windows.
I've read a few comments on the Essentials line not being any good. The windows I'm looking to replace are original 1950 wood frame windows with storms. My questions are 1) what exactly is wrong or different about the Essentials line compared to the regular Sunrise windows, and 2)for $425-500 per window, are there any other options available that are significantly better? The Renewal by Anderson quote I got was around $6k, which is out of my budget. HD and Lowes sell Thermastar by Pella for $200+ per window plus installation. Thanks for your help!

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The Sunrise Essentials is a below average window and a terrible comparison to everything else they offer...surprisingly.

Don't put the ThermaStar in a dog house in my humble opinion.

The other windows out there typically thought of as premium are available in New York. I quick search of the other threads will tell you what else you can search for.

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WoW's advice is spot on. I'd press them for their best deal on the base Sunrise, or explore other options.

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