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leeseebrApril 4, 2013

We are replacing the stucco on a part of the back of our home. We figured it would be a good time to replace the windows in that area. We are deciding between windsor pinnacle and anderson a series casement windows. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Personally I would stay away from Windsor period, the A series is a good window, not great but good. What style of windows are you looking for (i.e. casement, double hung, etc)? What are you looking to get from the windows? What type of look? Do you have a real preference for the material they are made from, as there are other options that may be better suited to your needs but we would need the first questions answered before we can steer you in a good direction.

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From the little research I have done, it looks like Windsor is not the best option. We are replacing 2 casement windows in our attic and 1 in my son's bed room. These are at the rear of the house. As I stated, we are having the stucco taken down and replaced so while the wall is open we figured it was a good time to replace our 80 year old steel casements in that area. We figure any option is better than what we have. This repair is costing a lot of money so budget is an issue. I don't have a real preference for exterior material but don't like the look of vinyl. Thanks for your help!

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If you are sticking with wood, Andersen is worth consideration. My favorites are Marvin and Kolbe.

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I wouldn't consider either one!!!!!! Kolbe or Marvin will be your best choice period.

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Windows on Washington


Kolbe and Marvin are both great windows in wood.

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Leeseebr -- if you search for negatives on any window line, you'll find them, so don't dismiss Windsor. I have them in my house. They're built well. Their aluminum cladding is thick and strong. They're just not as well known because they sell through lumberyards instead of big box places like Lowes and Home Depot.

As Millworkman says, there are several factors to consider: what you want to get from the window (ease of maintenance, style, etc.), are you willing to paint or stain it if it's wood?, compare the NFRC labels, the kind of glass and spacers, and of course cost.

Whatever way you go, make sure you hire an experienced installer. IMO, window installation isn't something you should leave to an novice or DIYer -- too much can go wrong, and then the window company is blamed when it's actually an installation issue.

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research, I have previously sold the Windsor wood windows and glad your happy with them but there is nothing about them that I would consider high quality and cannot in good conscience recommend them. Just because they use extruded aluminum does not mean they are quality. And Lowes and HD usually sell crap or Andersen (which can be hit or miss in my book depending on the series).

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