Window blinds can be cut??

chinsbApril 7, 2006

We replaced our windows and now the miniblinds don't fit any more. Is there a way the blinds can be cut to fit the new window frames? The blinds need to be about 1" less wide to fit. If we can't do that, we'd have to buy all new blinds which is pretty costly. I know that they cut blinds to fit at places like Home Depot, but I wonder if there's a place that would just cut our own blinds for a fee. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Where to get it cut for free? How handy is your brother-in-law? If they were mine and I decided to cut them, I'd pull them up as tight as I could , tape with masking tape and run a hack saw through them or, a cross cut saw if I had one.

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here is a place where you can find a lot of useful resources regarding winde blinds as well as on-line shops to buy new ones

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here is the url that actually works

Here is a link that might be useful: Window blinds

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I cut them all the time with my chop saw. As posted, tightly bound and marked, a hacksaw with a sharp blade will also work.

Get them even on the edges and tape them tight to stay that way and they will cut evenly. Cut some off each end so that they still look even.

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