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summathApril 29, 2013

I'm building a house this spring and am having trouble finding a good window to use. CAn one of the experts here recomment a good vinyl window, good fiberglass, and good wood window.

I've priced out sherwood and alside (after reading these forums I got rid of Alside).

As much info as any of you pros can give me I would very much appreciate. The house I am building as a lot of large windows, so cost is an issue. But I really want something that will last -and am willing to pay a bit more for that to happen.

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Where are you located? That will determine what is available to you....
On material choices, I'd recommend assessing your priorities in a window first, and then focusing in on the material that best fits those goals.

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I, too, am building a new home in Chicago, breaking ground in two weeks. I'm trying to decide on which windows to go with and need advice! I have a bid from Marvin Integrity and Pella Proline. I'm getting differing advice from everyone and feel very confused. Any objective advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

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As objectively as I can be (and I do not sell residential windows nor have I in a number of years), but I would not use Pella in a doghouse especially Proline!!!

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You have some great product options available to you in Chicago. A product recommendation will depend on what your priorites are. The Integrity is a nice choice, and you should also have access to some of the most efficient lines like the Starmark composite, and some high quality vinyls like HiMark, Sunrise, Polaris, Softlite, etc.
If you must have a wood interior, the Integrity is a good choice for bang for the buck.

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I live in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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Windows on Washington


Michigan has some great options at your disposal. Sunrise is based out of MI for that matter.

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+1. You should have most of those same choices that are available in Chicago, although I don't think that the Himark, Okna, or Starmark lines are there yet.

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We're building a new home and picked Sunrise windows.

They seem solid and enjoy a good reputation. (here and on other forums)

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