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steniseJuly 30, 2010

l left my wife in feb 2010, i have had 6 years off complete horror, ive been in police cells, accused of hitting my ex, courts defending myself and ive been put into a mental home, thru these horrors, i never hit my wife and i despise women beaters, my wife has lied in her own words and has admitted this, we have both used the internet and chatted to people, male and female openly, but she got jealous over a female friend who i wasnt romantically involved with and is still just a friend, she found her out, even tho ive been open and hid no secrets and i was told to leave the marital home and leave my four children 10, 11,15 and 19, we have split many times over the last 6 years of our 12 year marriage and ive always came back on my knees begging to come back, against family and friends request but because i wanted my kids back, but this time ive left, moved to the country with my sister and over time fell in love with someone i knew via a social network site, i moved in with her and i'm really happy, but my ex has poisoned my kids against me, they hate me and when i visited my kids, my ex texted my gf stating that i kissed her, which is untrue and shes texted me to tell me to stop pestering her for sex, to which again i haven't and to make matters worse, my gf's kids, 10 and 6 are the most rudest, disrespectful kids ive ever seen, they be little my gf there mum, i'm starting resent them more everyday due to there arrogance, her friends tell her too toughen up and start being firmer with them but shes scared she may lose them to her ex husband and the children as young as they are know it and manipulate the situation, i know what ur gonna say, boy second relationship in days, far too soon, but i have known my gf for 2 years but not romantically, i am really in a tangle and my heart really hurts, i love my gf but i cant stand her kids, when i see how rude they are i think of my kids, not little angels but definately not as rude as my gf's and i yearn for my own kids more, but as i say my ex has poisoned them against me and i can't see them, i am seeing a solicitor and trying to sort things out, shes even changed her phone number so i can't call them....please someone give me some words of help or comfort, i so need them

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Well, the only thing I can tell u is to go to court and get court oredered visatations and reguardless if they want to come or not they have to and then maybe they will see ur side.

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thank you mummy2girls, but my ex is a real nasty piece of work, to get attention she's tried ODing twice and i know for a fact that my names mud with my babies, they have verbally insulted me on the phone, my son want's to slit my throat, why should i have to face this tirade when my ex manipulated life to what it is ?

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